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Slime Key

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Slime Key
LANS Slime Key Model.png
Unlocking the Key Cavern[2]

The Slime Key is an item in Link's Awakening.[2]

Location and Uses

Initially, the Slime Key is owned by Prince Richard. When Link travels to Kanalet Castle and speaks to him, he will ask Link to bring him back five Golden Leaves in exchange for the Key.[3][4] When Link returns with the five Golden Leaves, Prince Richard will let him through his back garden where an Owl Statue is located.[5] Link must use the Shovel to dig at the Statue's feet and find the Key.[1]

By inserting the Slime Key into the Slime Keyhole, to unlock the access to the Key Cavern.[2]


The Slime Key may be named after Slime Eye, the Boss of the Key Cavern, with which it bears a close resemblance.


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