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Skulltula Forest: Ranger

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Skulltula Forest: Ranger
LCT Skulltula Woods: Ranger.png
A preview of Skulltula Forest: Ranger in the stage selection.
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Skulltula Forest: Ranger, also known as Level 4-3, is a stage in Link's Crossbow Training.[1][2] It is the third Stage of Level 4 (Link's Crossbow Training).

Features and Overview

In Skulltula Forest: Ranger, Link has 90 Seconds to explore the woods and defeat all 18 Skulltulas.[3] Link can locate the Skulltulas by using his Radar, as the Skulltulas appear as red dots on it. 13 of the Skulltulas walk on the ground, while 2 climb the walls of the woods and the last 3 hang down from Trees on strings. Upon defeating all eighteen Skulltulas, Link will gain 500 points times the number of seconds he has left to complete the level.

Other targets that give Link points when shot can be found throughout Skulltula Forest: Ranger. To the right of the starting area, three Wooden Boxes sit on a wooden balcony. If Link shoots these Wooden Boxes, they will grant him one point for every hit. On the eleventh hit, the Wooden Boxes will break and Link will be granted 50 points. Continuing forward from the Wooden Boxes and along the wall, Link will come across two Deku Babas near a small wooden platform. Shooting the Deku Babas anywhere will award Link with 50 points each. If Link chooses to ignore the two Deku Babas and continues following the wall, the ground will slope upwards and Link will find four Deku Babas at the top. Three of the Deku Babas arise from the ground, while one hangs down from a nearby Tree. A small wooden balcony overlooking the bottom of the slope holds eight Jars and four Bomb Barrels. If Link shoots the Jars, he will be awarded 5 points each. If Link shoots any of the Bomb Barrels, they will blow up and destroy any unbroken Jars and other Bomb Barrels on the balcony. Each Bomb Barrel will provide Link with 10 points each. If Link continues forwards directly from the starting area, he will find a small hollow in a large Tree filled with ten Jars suspended in the air by strings. Link can shoot the Jars directly or he can shoot the strings the Jars are attached to, causing the Jars to fall to the ground and break. If Link chooses shoots these Jars, they will give Link 5 points per Jar. The Jar sitting in the middle of the hollow not attached to any strings will also make an Orange Rupee appear as well as the 5 points when shot. Link will be awarded points for shooting the Orange Rupee depending on how long he took to hit it, with 1,000 points as the highest amount Link can achieve. Continuing forward from the hollow and slightly left, a Scarecrow stands up high on top of a large Tree branch. If Link shoots the Scarecrows' body, he will be awarded one point. If he shoots the Scarecrows' body again, he will be awarded two points. This pattern continues until Link shoots the scarecrow for the eighth time, where continuous hits afterward only awards Link with eight points each. If Link ever shoots the Pumpkin head of the Scarecrow, he will be awarded points based on how many hits were taken by the Scarecrows' body, with 1,000 points being awarded if Link shot the Scarecrow eight times or more beforehand. Straight ahead of the Scarecrow, a small pile of bones rests on the ground next to a large Tree. Link can shoot the pile of bones for one point per hit up to six shots. Upon the sixth shot, the bones will break and Link will be given 5 points instead of 1. These piles of bones can be found behind the Scarecrow, and Link can find another pile by following the wall left of the starting area. This pile against the wall will give Link the same points as the other pile, but an Orange Rupee will appear when this pile is destroyed. If Link walks past the Scarecrow and to the very far wall, then travels right along the wall, he will run into three Deku Babas. Two of the Deku Babas rest on the forest floor, while one Deku Baba hangs down from an overlooking Tree branch. The last optional target Link can shoot for points are the small Skulls that are spread throughout the woods. Shooting any of the Skulls will give Link 5 points. Some Skulls can be found near the beforementioned bone piles and some rest near Trees. One particular Skull sits with a group of three other Skulls a short distance past the bone pile near the starting area wall. This Skull, sitting in the middle of the group, will cause an Orange Rupee to appear when destroyed.

Minor Enemies


  • Skulltula Forest: Ranger is the only stage in Link's Crossbow Training that doesn't take place in a location from Twilight Princess.


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