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Siroc is a character in The Minish Cap.[2]


Siroc is the leader of the Wind Tribe, and resides in the Cloud Tops along with the rest of her tribe. She can be found on the last floor of their home.

When Link meets her, Siroc explains to him the story of the tribe and how they came to the Cloud Tops as well as their ability to see all that goes on in the land of Hyrule.[3] Since she knows of Link's quest to collect the Four Elements, Siroc tells him that the Wind Element he seeks is located in the Palace of Winds. Usually, surface dwellers are not allowed to access the palace, but knowing that Link's goal is sincere, she permits the young hero to access the roof that leads him to the palace. [4]

Link can Fuse Kinstones with Siroc twice: both times will yield a Treasure Chest containing a Red Kinstone located in the Royal Valley.


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