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Sing for the Unicorn/Episode transcript

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This is the episode transcript for "Sing for the Unicorn." From TheSacredRealm.net

(It is night at North Castle. King Harkinian walks outside along a balcony.)

King Harkinian: Aaah... smell that nice air. Nothing better after a good meal.

(Link walks outside.)

Link: (groans) I ate too much. Still not used to living in a castle. (He walks to where he can see into Zelda's room) Of course, I'm doing my best to adapt.

(Harkinian sighs, and Link sighs)

(In the forest, Ganon emerges from the underworld riding a flying white unicorn. He laughs evilly, and takes off, followed by several Vires.)

(Link is just about to swing through Zelda's window, but Harkinian taps him)

Harkinian: Eh, what are you up to, Link?

Link: Uh, I was er, just gonna swing through your daughter's window and try to get her to kiss me?

Harkinian: Not a chance.

Link: No?

Harkinian: No. You need to take flowers, THEN you might succeed. Yes, girls are crazy about flowers. (He gives some flowers to Link)

Link: Flowers, right. Thanks!

Harkinian: Good luck, my boy!

(He pushes Link off the ledge, and he goes flying in through Zelda's window and crash lands)

Zelda: Flowers? For me? Oh how sweet! You're sweet, Link. Clumsy, but sweet. So for you, a biiiiiig kiss!

Link: You mean it worked?

(Zelda leans over to kiss Link, but before she does, they hear Harkinian scream)

Harkinian: Help!

Zelda: (rushes over to her window) Daddy!

Link: This always happens!

(Ganon flies to the castle towards Harkinian on his unicorn)

Zelda: Ganon's after Daddy!

Link: Stand aside Princess! (He uses a plank of wood to jump off and somersaults up to where Ganon and Harkinian are)

Ganon: Ha! I have you now!

Link: Not so fast, Ganon!

Ganon: Get him now!

(Ganon's Vires attack Link, who zaps a few until three of them grab him and lift him into the air)

Link: Get off me!

Ganon: Farewell, hero.

Harkinian: Link, help!

Link: No!

(He breaks free from the Vires but Ganon is already taking off with Harkinian tied up on the back of the unicorn. Link jumps and grabs onto its tail.)

Zelda: Link! Stop him!

Link: Hey, I'm trying, Princess! (He zaps at Ganon)

Ganon: Take this, hero! (He zaps Link and makes him let go of the tail and start falling.)

Link: Aaahh!

Harkinian: I say, that wasn't nice at all.

Link: Looks like I'm about to drop out of the hero business. Wait! One chance! (He grabs onto the feet of two Vires flying up after Ganon.) Phew, saved!

Ganon: That's what you think. (He zaps the Vires, sending Link falling again.)

Harkinian: Really, that was quite impolite.

Ganon: Silence, prisoner!

(Zelda runs around with a cart full of hay so that Link falls into it)

Zelda: Link! Link, Link! (She runs over to him.) Link, speak to me! Link!

Link: (Moans.) Dying... kiss me.

Zelda: Oh! You! You're fine, obviously!

Link: Aww, come on, Princess.

Zelda: No! You let my father get captured by Ganon!

Link: Hey, excuuuse me, Princess! I wasn't falling to my death for fun just then.

Zelda: (Stands up.) We must rescue my father.

Link: (Also stands up.) Right, right, I was just getting to that part.

Zelda: One thing bothers me though.

Link: What's that?

Zelda: Where'd Ganon get that flying unicorn?

(Flash to underworld, where Ganon is laughing evilly)

Ganon: This flying unicorn is the best creature I ever captured. Now, King Harkinian is my prisoner! And soon, Hyrule will be all mine! Hahahahahaha! Take him to the pit room!

Harkinian: You won't get away with this, you know. No, Zelda and um, oh, Link鈥攜es, yes that's his name鈥攚ill um, uh, rescue me.

Ganon: What they had better do is turn the kingdom and the Triforce over to me in one hour. (Teleports to pit room where Harkinian is thrown in) Or you'll be falling for a long long time! (vanishes)

(A bottomless pit opens up in the middle of the room and starts getting wider.)

Harkinian: Uh oh. Not good. Not good at all. Oh my, my my my, I certainly hope that Zelda and Link get here soon.

(Link and Zelda are entering the underworld)

Zelda: I still wonder where Ganon got that flying unicorn. Beautiful creatures aren't his style.

Link: We'll ask him when we see him, okay? Now stay quiet and don't touch the statues.

Zelda: (has just touched an Armos Knight) Why?

(The statue comes to life.)

Link: THAT'S why!

(The statue kicks Link into another statue, which comes to life and picks up Link)

Link: Hey!

(Zelda accidentally touches a third statue.)

Link: Let me go, marblehead! (Kicks it.) Ow! My toes!

(Zelda dodges two of the statues and pulls out her bow and arrows)

Zelda: Link!

(Zelda shoots the statue holding Link, but then another one grabs her.)

Link: On my way, Princess!

(Link zaps the last 2 statues, and then catches Zelda as she falls.)

Link: Ta da! Saved ya again. Kiss me.

Zelda: I was just going to.

(A trap door opens underneath Link and Zelda and they go falling down)

Link: This always happens!

Zelda: Stalfos!

Link: I'll take a raincheck on that kiss, Princess. Duty calls!

(Link fights the Stalfos until one knocks his sword out of his hand.)

Link: Oh rats! (He is tackled to the ground by 2 Stalfos) Princess! Help!

Zelda: I lost my bow in the other chamber!

Link: Don't tell me these things!

(A mysterious figure appears and zaps the Stalfos away, but then keeps zapping at Link)

Link: Whoa!

Zelda: Link! What's that creature?

Link: I don't know Princess. But I'm going to zap it!

(Link zaps it, but then it zaps him)

Link: Ow! Hey! That's no magic creature. It's a real person like us.

Zelda: Good! Then I'll grab it.

Link: Now we'll see who this is. (He pulls off the mask to reveal a girl, and whistles)

Zelda: What? Who's this?

Link: A dream come true.

(The girl escapes Zelda's grasp and poises to zap them)

Link: Hey, hold it. We're not evil. We won't hurt you.

(The girl speaks in a fast, high pitched language)

Zelda: She doesn't speak our language.

Link: Oh I'm sure she and I can communicate somehow.

Zelda: Back off. I'll handle this.

Ganon: I sent my demands to the castle nearly an hour ago, Harkinian. You'd better hope your daughter responds soon or..

Harkinian: My daughter will respond, all right. But not, uh, in the manner you think.

Zelda: Her name is Sing. She's from a land far away. Ganon stole her unicorn and she's trying to rescue it.

Link: Well, we were on a rescue mission anyway. So let's make it a party! (Bombs a hole to get out of the chamber.) Come on!

Ganon: What? What's that?

Harkinian: I, uh, think my daughter is responding to your demands.

Ganon: Well she's too late! You have only a few more minutes left. (Teleports away)

(Link fights and zaps 2 Lynels, and they drop a whistle.)

Link: Clear! Move it move it. Ah, a magic whistle. This could be useful.

(Sing defeats 2 Moblins and that were guarding her unicorn)

Zelda: Good job, Sing! We've got your unicorn. But where's Daddy? Ah!

(An Armos holding a bomb walks towards Sing and Zelda. Zelda knocks the bomb out of its hand with a boomerang, and it falls to the ground, exploding and defeating the Armos. A hole is also blown into the ground.)

Harkinian: Oh I say! What?

Zelda: Daddy!

(Zelda runs to the hole and looks in to see Harkinian in the pit room, about to fall into the bottomless pit)

Zelda: Daddy! Daddy!

Harkinian: Oh, Zelda!

(In the meantime, Link is running across the bridge towards Zelda, when Ganon appears at the end and blocks his path. Ganon zaps at Link 3 times. Link deflects the zaps, and fires one back, hitting Ganon.)

Link: One more zap and you're de-energized, Ganon.

Ganon: A zap you won't make, Link!

(Ganon zaps the bridge and Link grabs on as it falls to be hanging from one end)

Ganon: Farewell, Link.

(Ganon prepares to zap Link again, when suddenly a boomerang appears)

Zelda: No!

(Zelda's boomerang hits Ganon and he disappears)

Ganon: Blast you!

Zelda: Link? (She then turns back to her father) Daddy?

Harkinian: Goodbye... (He starts falling)

Zelda: Daddy! No!

(Sing's unicorn flies out of the hole, with Sing and Harkinian safely on its back)

Zelda: Daddy! Sing, you saved him! Thank you, thank you!

Link: (Still hanging from end of bridge) Looks like a happy ending. Now we just have to get out of here. Time to whistle up a wind.

(He uses the magic whistle he found to summon a whirlwind, which picks up him, Zelda, Harkinian, Sing and the unicorn and starts to carry them home.)

Harkinian: Ohohohoho I say!

Link: We're on our way home. Kiss me, Princess!

Zelda: Oh no! I'm too dizzy! Oh!

Link: Aw come on!

Ganon: I'll get you yet, Link and Zelda!

(Link, Zelda and Harkinian wave goodbye to Sing as she rides on her unicorn away into the night)