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Simon's Simulations

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Simon's Simulation
Sheila and Link in front of Simon's Simulation at the beginning of the game
Location(s)Hyrule Town
Game(s)The Minish Cap
Main Prizevarious
Cost10 Rupees

Simon's Simulations is a mini-game run by Simon in The Minish Cap.[1]


Located in Hyrule Town's central plaza, Simon will open his green, ghost-topped building to the public after Link has completed the Fortress of Winds.


After paying 10 Rupees to play,[2] Link will be instructed to fall asleep in the bed provided by the shop. The young hero will "awaken" to find himself in a square, dungeon-like room filled with an assortment of monsters, including Moblins, Keatons, and Peahats.[3] Link must destroy all of the monsters in order to receive a Piece of Heart, as a reward. Interestingly, in the event that Link dies in the simulation, he actually dies, instead of waking up, as one may expect. Link may return to play the mini-game at any time during his quest, however, the prizes range from Rupees to Hearts after subsequent, successful playthroughs.[4]




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