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Silver Bomb

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Silver Bomb
OoA Silver Bomb Sprite.png
A Silver Bomb from Oracle of Ages
Main appearance(s)

Silver Bombs are recurring Objects in The Legend of Zelda series.[1][2]


Oracle of Ages

In Oracle of Ages, Talus Peaks has a natural fountain with a Sign next to it warning people not to throw anything into the water.[3] If Link throws in a Bomb, a red Fairy appears. She materializes a Golden Bomb and a Silver Bomb and asks Link which one he dropped.[1] If he answers honestly, the Fairy rewards him by increasing the amount of Bombs he can carry by 20.[4] If Link responds by saying he dropped the Silver Bomb, the Fairy asks him to confirm.[5] If he affirms the lie, the Fairy confiscates all his Bombs. To obtain the upgrade Link must leave the area, acquire more Bombs, then return and throw in another Bomb to restart the whole interaction.

The Minish Cap

If Link throws a Bomb into the Great Mayfly Fairy's Fountain in The Minish Cap, she will ask him whether he threw a Golden Bomb, a Silver Bomb, or neither.[2] If Link gives the honest answer of "Neither", she rewards him with a Big Bomb Bag;[6] however, if he gives either of the other incorrect answers, she accuses him of lying and takes away all of his Bombs.[7]

Silver Bombs are not seen in-game, only mentioned.


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