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Shuteye Inn

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Shuteye Inn
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Main Appearance(s)

The Shuteye Inn is a location in Breath of the Wild.[1]

Features and Overview

The Shuteye Inn is an Inn in Kakariko Village. It is located across from Impa's house, adjacent to the pond that surrounds a Goddess Statue. Ollie is the skittish Sheikah proprietor who runs the front desk.[2] The Inn offers the usual regular bed for 20 Rupees that will restore all of Link's Hearts, as well as a Cucco feather-stuffed bed for 40 Rupees that will also grant an additional Temporary Heart.[3][4]

At night, Pikango the traveling artist will retreat to the corner of the lobby to sleep, mumbling about his "journey on the horizon."[5] On some nights or during inclement weather, Brokka, a traveler, and Bugut, a traveling merchant, sit at the Inn's table if they happen to be passing through the Village.


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