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Adventure Log

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Adventure Log
BotW Adventure Log.png
Purpose Recording Link's progress

The Adventure Log is a screen in Breath of the Wild.[1]


The Adventure Log is the repository for Quests given to Link as well as any Memories he has recovered. It can be accessed by pressing the Plus Button. After defeating Calamity Ganon, it is possible to see the amount of Quests completed out of the total count.

Main Quests

From here, Quests can be marked on the Sheikah Slate's Map. Main Quests are denoted by Wingcrests in the Adventure Log. The background of the Main Quest section is accented by the outline of the Master Sword.

List of Main Quests
Main Quest Quest Giver Region
Destroy Ganon King Rhoam Great Plateau
EX The Champions' Ballad Zelda Shrine of Resurrection
EX Champion Urbosa's Song ??? East Gerudo Mesa
EX Champion Daruk's Song ??? Eldin Mountains
EX Champion Mipha's Song ??? Ja'Abu Ridge
EX Champion Revali's Song ??? Strock Lake
Follow the Sheikah Slate ??? Great Plateau
The Isolated Plateau Old Man Great Plateau
Seek Out Impa King Rhoam Great Plateau
The Hero's Sword The Great Deku Tree Korok Forest
Free the Divine Beasts Impa Kakariko Village
Locked Mementos Impa Kakariko Village
Divine Beast Vah Medoh Kaneli Rito Village
Divine Beast Vah Rudania Bludo Goron City
Reach Zora's Domain Sidon Inogo Bridge
Divine Beast Vah Ruta King Dorephan Zora's Domain
Forbidden City Entry Benja Gerudo Town
Divine Beast Vah Naboris Riju Gerudo Town
Captured Memories Impa Kakariko Village
Find the Fairy Fountain Pikango Kakariko Village

Shrine Quests

The Shrine Quests section keeps track of which Ancient Shrines Link has completed which require a Quest to be located. This section is denoted by an icon of a rhombus with the silhouette of a Shrine inside it and the background displays the Sheikah Slate. There are a total of 42 Shrine Quests to complete.

List of Shrine Quests
Shrine Quest Quest Giver Region
The Skull's Eye Jerrin Akkala Ancient Tech Lab
Into the Vortex Stone Tablet Rist Peninsula
Trial of the Labyrinth ??? Lomei Labyrinth Island
The Spring of Power Nobo East Akkala Stable
The Gut Check Challenge Bayge Gut Check Rock
A Brother's Roast Bladon Goron City
A Landscape of a Stable Mayro Foothill Stable
The Perfect Drink Pokki East Barrens
Test of Will Bayge Mount Nabooru
Sign of the Shadow Kass Gerudo Tower
The Silent Swordswomen Laine Gerudo Town
The Desert Labyrinth ??? South Lomei Labyrinth
The Seven Heroines Rotana Gerudo Town
The Eye of the Sandstorm Nobiro Kara Kara Bazaar
Secret of the Snowy Peaks Mountain Peak Log Mount Granajh
The Undefeated Champ Tali Sand-Seal Rally
Watch Out for the Flowers Magda Hylia River
The Three Giant Brothers Stone Tablet Mount Taran
Secret of the Cedars Clavia Hateno Village
The Cursed Statue Calip Fort Hateno
A Fragmented Monument Garini Palmorae Ruins
The Stolen Heirloom Paya Kakariko Village
Guardian Slideshow Loone Puffer Beach
A Song of Storms Kass Calora Lake
The Serpent's Jaws Kass Pagos Woods
Stranded on Eventide ??? Eventide Island
The Bird in the Mountains Molli Rito Village
Recital at Warbler's Nest Kheel Rito Village
The Ancient Rito Song Bedoli Rito Village
Trial on the Cliff ??? North Lomei Labyrinth
The Spring of Wisdom Medda Hateno Village
The Ceremonial Song Laruta Zora's Domain
The Crowned Beast Kass Rabia Plain
Master of the Wind Kass Horon Lagoon
The Lost Pilgrimage Tasho Korok Forest
The Two Rings Kass West Hyrule Plains
Shrouded Shrine ??? Thyphlo Ruins
Under a Red Moon Kass Hyrule Ridge
Cliffside Etchings Geggle Tabantha Bridge Stable
Trial of Second Sight Zooki Korok Forest
The Test of Wood Damia Korok Forest
Trial of Thunder ??? Thundra Plateau

Side Quests

Main article: Side Quest

Side Quests are optional Quests given to Link by various characters. They are denoted by a speech bubble icon and the background displays three Rupees.


The Memories section of the Adventure Log is where Link can relive his Recovered Memories. This section is marked by a symbol resembling a reel of film. There are 18 Memories in total for Link to recover. The background of the Memories section is accented by a silhouette of the flower from Breath of the Wild's logo.



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