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CoH Shopkeeper Sprite.png
Merchant (CoH)[1]
Voice Actor(s) Nicolas Daoust (CoH)[citation needed]

Shopkeepers are recurring characters in The Legend of Zelda series.[citation needed][2]


Four Swords Adventures

Other Appearances

Cadence of Hyrule

Freddie Merchantry hails from the same world as Cadence,[3] where he runs various shops hidden throughout the NecroDancer's crypt. In Cadence of Hyrule, he fills the same role, having several shops throughout Hyrule. His location can be found by following the sound of his singing, which becomes louder the closer he is.

Much like in his original appearance in Crypt of the NecroDancer, he can be fought as an enemy if struck by an explosive, which he hints at with his warning towards Cadence, Link, Yves, or Zelda to watch where they place their Bombs inside his shop.[4] If struck by one, he will begin to chase the heroes and attack them. Unlike other enemies, he can move on every beat and move in any direction, including diagonally. When hit, he'll teleport a few spaces away and leave a Bomb directly under their feet. He'll also use a bow to fire arrows at the heroes whenever they're out of reach.

Upon defeat, he drops a Coupon which can be used to buy any item for free, though using it to buy his goods will cause him to attack. He can also be encountered in Future World, where he drops a Diamond Coupon instead.


Freddie Merchantry's name is a pun on the late Freddie Mercury, British singer, songwriter, record producer and lead vocalist of the rock band Queen.


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