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Shipping in The Legend of Zelda Universe

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Shipping, derived from the word "relationship," is a term used to denote a fans' interest or belief in the possible (and perhaps more often impossible) romantic relationship between two characters in a piece of fiction belonging to any medium. Perhaps one of the most popular topics of discussion among fans of The Legend of Zelda series is who Link's romantic interest is or should be. There are various other shippings in the Zelda fanbase that do not involve Link; however, those are far less common. The three most popular pairings are Link and Zelda, Link and Malon, and Link and Midna.[1][2][3]

Link and Zelda

Link and Princess Zelda during the ending of The Adventure of Link

Throughout the course of the series, there have been many implications of a romantic relationship between Link and Princess Zelda, and is possibly one of the most popular shippings in the Zelda universe.[1][2][3] Support for this is provided by hints in some of the games, interviews with the game creators, the cartoons, and the comics/manga.

The Adventure of Link

After Princess Zelda is awakened, she calls Link a "real hero" for saving Hyrule.[4] The curtain then slowly falls in front of them and once it completely covers them, the two get closer to each other.

Ocarina of Time

During the ending, Link and Zelda are floating in the sky together with Zelda's Lullaby playing in the background. In this same scene, Princess Zelda holds Link's hand for a while as he gives back the Ocarina of Time, with Zelda looking down sorrowfully all the while.[5]

Oracle series

Zelda kissing Link
Link swooning after being kissed

After defeating Ganon, Princess Zelda rewards Link with a kiss on the cheek, causing Zelda to turn away blushing and for Link to swoon with hearts floating over his head.

Majora's Mask

Before Link departs the land of Hyrule, Princess Zelda gives the Ocarina of Time to Link as a memento of the time they spent together, moments which she mentions that she'll never forget.[6] She also teaches Link the Song of Time, a melody which reminds her of the two of them.[7]

The Wind Waker

After Link gets Nayru's Pearl from Jabun and visits Beedle, Beedle says that a young pirate girl came and sold him some bombs. He then asks Link if he's met her and then says that he can see him blushing. During the ending of the credits, two bubbles with Link and Tetra slowly float next to each other with Zelda's Lullaby playing in the background.[8] Also, Ganondorf at one point in the game tells Link that he has taken "[his] precious Zelda."[9]

Phantom Hourglass

After Tetra is returns to normal, she and Link gaze at each other with joy. They also almost hold hands, but Bellum interrupts the scene by kidnapping her.[10]

Twilight Princess

Despite their limited interaction in this game, there is at least one hint of romance between Link and Zelda: when the Light Spirits give Zelda the Light Arrow. In this scene, Zelda asks for Link's help to defeat Ganondorf, to which the young hero answers by holding out his hand for Zelda to take.[11]

Spirit Tracks

Princess Zelda hugging Link before the final battle against Malladus
In Spirit Tracks, a stronger relationship is seen between Link and Zelda, as Zelda is around for the entire game, much longer compared to her appearances in other games. As such, it is one of the few games in the series that gives strong in-game hints about their close bond.

During Link's graduation ceremony, Link, who was bowing down respectfully, looks up and gasps as Princess Zelda walks in the room, although he is soon scolded by Chancellor Cole for raising his head up without permission.[12][13]

After Link and Zelda defeat Byrne atop the Tower of Spirits, Zelda comments that when they combine their strength, "no one can defeat [them]."[14] Link looks at her and smiles, to which Princess Zelda laughs and nods back. They then high-five each other, all while Zelda's Lullaby plays in the now-white background.[15]

Before the final battle against Malladus, Zelda recovers her body atop the sky and begins to fall due to her not being able to float anymore. Link quickly runs to catch her, but Zelda's fall causes Link to crash into the ground. When Zelda regains consciousness and realizes that she has reunited with her body, she quickly turns to Link and hugs him, much to his surprise, causing him to open his eyes wide and blush.

As Link and Zelda watch the Lokomos depart towards the heavens, the camera lowers to show Link and Zelda holding each other's hands, and shortly after Link slightly squeezes the princess's hand.[16]

Skyward Sword

Link and Zelda atop the Statue of the Goddess.

In Skyward Sword, Link and Zelda have been close friends since childhood.[17] Their interactions, however, suggest that they are much closer than that. Zelda in particular tends to giggle a lot when talking to Link, and in an Easter egg in her room at the Knight Academy, she has a few of the wood carvings that Link makes. Hers is the only room other than Link's that has these carvings, suggesting they were given as gifts.

Before the Wing Ceremony begins, Link meets Zelda in front of the Statue of the Goddess, where she shows off the clothes that she will be wearing to the ceremony since Zelda wanted Link to be the first one to see her in her new outfit.[18] Since the Wing Ceremony is part of the final test to become a knight of Skyloft,[19] Zelda continuously worries that Link has not been practicing hard enough,[20] even thinking that he might mess up his chance of becoming a knight.[21] To help him win, Zelda encourages Link to "fly [his] heart out" and get some practice time before the race.[22]

Besides this, Zelda also defends Link whenever he is being bullied by Groose. After Link's Crimson Loftwing goes missing, Link confronts Groose about it, but he berates the young hero for seemingly showing off how close he and Zelda are, and how she is always the one defending Link.[23] Zelda arrives and demands that Groose stop pestering Link.[24]

After Link wins the race, Zelda jumps off Skyloft and into Link's Loftwing, where he catches her into his arms. They then head to the top of the Statue of the Goddess for the second portion of the ceremony.[25] Once Link receives the Sailcloth from Zelda, the description mentions it "smells nice," since she had been wearing it.[26] Zelda thanks Link for finishing the ceremony with her like he promised and tells him that they should finish up the ritual.[27] She teases him about what happens at the end of the ritual and gets close to him before revealing that he has to jump off the statue and land using the sailcloth.[28]

Once Link successfully completes the ritual, Zelda asks the young hero if he would like to fly around the clouds together.[29] As they are flying, Zelda fondly smiles at Link and tells him that she enjoyed the moments they spent together as they performed the ritual, saying she will always remember this day.[30] She also begins to tell him something she had been meaning to talk to about with Link,[31] but she is interrupted when Ghirahim's tornado throws her off her Loftwing.

Throughout the game, Link acts with relief and excitement whenever he catches up to Zelda. Another possible hint is his reaction to Ghirahim's attack at the Temple of Time. While a textbook example of a hero, Link's reaction seems especially protective of Zelda, on a more personal level. Later on, when it is revealed that Zelda is Hylia reincarnated, Her Grace mentions that she used Link since she knew that the young hero would "throw [himself] headfirst into any danger, without even a moment's doubt" if it meant saving Zelda.[32] As Zelda is preparing to sleep for thousands of years in a crystal to ensure Demise's seal, she mentions to Link that she was happy merely spendings her days hanging around with Link in Skyloft and wanted that feeling to last forever.[33] Link, watching as Zelda is beginning to seal herself away, desperately runs towards her but is kept apart as Zelda becomes engulfed by the crystal, pounding on it frantically. Zelda then reminds Link that although she may be Hylia reborn, she is still "[his] Zelda".[34] Link dejectedly looks down before walking away.

Once free from the crystal, Link runs up to Zelda as if to embrace her. When she stumbles, he instead catches her in his arms and cradles her for several moments before helping her up. When Ghirahim steps in yet again and captures her, Link draws his sword angrily, ready to fight his enemy one last time, despite his apparent injuries. Finally, after the defeat of Demise, Link and Zelda stand on the platform of the Statue of the Goddess in the Sealed Grounds. There, Zelda says that she had always dreamed of seeing the solid ground, and now that she has, wishes to live there. When she asks Link what he will do now, Link smiles at her, and then the camera pans to show both his and Zelda's Loftwings flying back into the sky, implying that Link chose to stay with Zelda.

Besides the game itself, Nintendo also created a "Zelda: Skyward Sword Romance Trailer" available in the 3DS eShop. It features several scenes from the early portion of the game that hint at romantic involvement between Link and Zelda.[35]

A Link Between Worlds

It is stated when visiting the Rumor Guy that Princess Zelda longingly stares at a painting of her ancestor (Princess Zelda from A Link to the Past) cuddling with the Hero of A Link to the Past. This heavily implies she wishes a similar relationship with the Hero of her day.

Breath of the Wild

As shown in the flashbacks of Breath of the Wild, Zelda started off rather harsh to Link. According to her diary and Urbosa, this is due to him reminding her of her own failures and how she's not living up to her destiny like he is. She also reveals she's worried about not being able to connect to Link, as he is stoic. After being saved by him from the Yiga Clan, Zelda sees Link in a new light. Her diary says she now tries to communicate with him. There are other memories showing Link and Zelda out in nature, observing flora and fauna, learning how to create potions, and obtaining tips on how to connect with Horses. She also reveals to him her sorrows of losing her mother and not being able to obtain the sealing power to seal Ganon.

After the champions died, Zelda reveals her hidden sorrows to Link, letting it out in front of him. Later on, the two are fighting a mass amount of Guardians. Zelda tries to convince Link to run and save himself, but Link refuses. As a guardian tries to target Link, Zelda gets in front, with her sealing power being available due to trying to protect Link. After it seems like Link is about to die, Zelda orders fellow soldiers to take him to the Shrine of Resurrection to keep him safe. After hiding the Master Sword in the Lost Woods, she asks the Great Deku Tree to give him a message (implied to reveal her love of him), but the Great Deku Tree stops her, saying it would be better to come from her.

Throughout Link's journey, Zelda tells Link through psychic communication to be careful. In Paya's diary, she says that she believes Link and Zelda would be a perfect couple. Kass states that his tutor was in love with Zelda, but she didn't return his feelings as they belonged to her appointed knight, which is Link.

After destroying Ganon, Zelda says she was watching over Link throughout his journey and asks if he remembers her. During the true ending, Link and Zelda are shown exploring Hyrule, trying to bring it back to its former glory.

Interviews with game creators

The game creators also seem to imply there is a romance between the characters, or at least seem fond of the idea.[36] Eiji Aonuma comments on it in this interview:[37]

Interviewer: We have received several emails in which our readers ask: Will Zelda and Link ever be involved [romantically]? [laughs] I'm sorry, but we had to ask.
Aonuma: [laughs] Good question. Well, as you already know, we are now dealing with a teenage Link, and as you know, teenagers are very emotional beings, so there are definitely possibilities of seeing Link showing his feelings towards the princess. But honestly, we don’t know what the future holds.

In another interview Mr. Aonuma answers another question about this relationship in Twilight Princess.

Interviewer: Will we see a charming and affectionate romance [between Link and] the princess?
Aonuma: Well, we're creating an adolescent storyline and we try to present it how it should be; in fact, if you played it – or will play it – you’ll notice that the way Link holds the sword is much cooler than how he used to do it. Link will now do things in a way that will make him look more confident and liberated. And yes, it's true that teenagers have these relationships -- and we would love if it could happen with the princess – but I can't talk about anything yet.

A question from an old interview[36] with Shigeru Miyamoto, conducted by Famimaga 64:

Interviewer: Does Link have a girlfriend?
Miyamoto: If it was Princess Zelda, it would be great. However, this time Navi [the fairy] is jealous of Zelda. So within the story, Navi feels something for Link.

More recently, Eiji Aonuma stated in a Nintendo Power interview[38]:

After the time warp, when Link wakes up seven years later, he's extremely concerned about what has become of Zelda. If he found out right away, that wouldn't be very interesting, but if he didn't know until the very end, and then he learned that she'd been captured by Ganon all that time, that would be even worse.

And lastly, in the video documentary titled "The History of Zelda", Miyamoto comments[39]:

Ocarina was fun, and it also was Zelda-like...the story's a little romantic, though, which is not very Zelda-like.

Aside from the vague hints that Aonuma and Miyamoto have given, the game creators haven't precisely confirmed any sort of romantic relationship between the young hero and the princess.


Link and Zelda's relationship is also expounded upon in non-canon materials. In manga, such as the Ocarina of Time manga by Akira Himekawa, Link and Zelda are shown to have a much more obvious romantic relationship than what is seen in the video games, as demonstrated by the examples below. Dialogue within the manga and Link's inability to stop thinking about Princess Zelda throughout the manga provides more evidence for fans to back-up the LinkxZelda shipping.

Valiant Comics

In the Valiant Comics of The Legend of Zelda, taking place after The Adventure of Link, Link confronts Dark Link and says: "I let the woman I love face her doom alone just so I could be here to put an end to your tyranny..." In this quote, Link plainly says that he loves her. In another issue, Zelda blatantly states that she loves Link, although she later denies it.[citation needed]The Legend of Zelda TV series exemplifies a romantic relationship between Link and Zelda. Link is always begging the princess for a kiss;[40] however, even when she agrees to indulge him,[41][42][43] it never occurs: they are interrupted by monsters, Spryte or any number of unfortunate circumstances such as something making Zelda so mad she no longer wants to kiss the young hero. Despite this, it is revealed in "The Missing Link" that Zelda loves Link,[44] although she tries to deny it and say that she only likes him "a little."[45] She most likely kept it a secret from him so as to prevent it from going into Link's head.[46] To cover this up, she sometimes makes fun of Link and for the most part has a love-hate relationship with him throughout the show.[47]

A Link to the Past (Ishinomori)

Link and Princess Zelda meet in a dream

In the A Link to the Past comic by Shotaro Ishinomori, Princess Zelda shares a closer relationship with Link than in the game of the same name. She provides him support throughout his journey to rescue her from Agahnim's clutches,[48] even going as far as sharing a dream with the young hero.

After obtaining the Pendant of Power, Zelda appears to Link and explains that they are in a dream, for if two people dream the same thing, they will meet.[49] The princess tells Link to rest and encourages him to not give up while he begins to fall asleep on her lap, complaining about his arm hurting.[50][51] When Link wakes up, he finds that someone has bandaged his arm and is actually standing in front of the Tower of Hera.[52]

Having freed the second and last maiden, Link hears Zelda contact him telepathically from beyond the wasteland.[53][54] Epheremelda, who cannot hear Zelda's calling, advises Link against going to the wasteland since it is too dangerous, and once they get in there, there will be no way to escape.[55] She recommends that they go find the map first,[56] but Link disregards her suggestion, for he claims that if the wasteland is as dangerous as she says, then he has to rescue Zelda as soon as possible.[57] This angers Epheremelda, who claims that Link never worries about her and that all he ever talks about is Zelda, leading the fairy to indignantly leave Link's side.[58]

The young hero is then seen looking at the Master Sword back in its pedestal in the Lost Woods, when he then hears Zelda speak to him from behind. She begins to comment on how although the bond between them was so strong when she was in Ganon's clutches, now that they are both free and at peace, their duties now keep them apart, leaving the queen to feel alone.[59] As Zelda begins to gallop away on her horse, she confesses to Link that as long as she lives, she will never forget the time when they were together in their dreams.[60]

Ocarina of Time (Himekawa)

Princess Zelda giving Link a kiss on the cheek
In Zelda's courtyard, Link asks Zelda whether she should be telling her all about the Sacred Realm and the Ocarina of Time. Princess Zelda replies that because Link believed in her story, she believes in him. Zelda sweetly smiles at Link, which causes him to blush.[61][62]

Before Link leaves the courtyard to find the rest of the Spiritual Stones, Zelda gives Link a kiss on the cheek and tells him to be careful, causing Link to blush and swoon and leave the castle with excitement.[63]

As Link and Malon are fighting off the Gerudo that came to attack Lon Lon Ranch, Malon asks Link why he only refers to Princess Zelda as "Zelda" and not "Princess" and wonders just how close the two of them are.[64] Although Link doesn't reply, she then says: "You don't have to answer, I can see it in your eyes..."

When Princess Zelda reveals herself to be Sheik and explains her reasons for her actions, Link looks at her and tells her that he missed her. Just as they are about to embrace each other, they are interrupted by Ganondorf, who kidnaps Zelda.[65][66]

Four Swords (Himekawa)

At the end of the Four Swords manga, Link and Zelda are shown holding hands together.[67]

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

In the Subspace Emissary from Super Smash Bros. Brawl, if Zelda got turned into a trophy by Bowser, Link and Yoshi eventually arrive to the Lake Shore and are continuing in their pursuit of the Halberd. Just as the False Zelda is about to fire the Dark Cannon at the pair, Mario and Pit slash the weapon in two, and the pair easily defeat the clone. However, just then, Link stops running and looks up to see Mario and Pit standing next to the trophy of the False Zelda, which begins to desintegrate. Thinking that Mario has destroyed the true Zelda's trophy, he rushes towards him and attacks Mario with his sword, which the plumber dodges. Link and Yoshi then engage in combat against Mario and Pit, but they lose and are turned into trophies.

Hyrule Warriors

In Hyrule Warriors, while Zelda and Impa are inspecting their soldiers' training, Zelda's attention immediately sets on Link after he defeats one of the trainees. Link looks up to her and for a brief moment they both stare. Later, after Zelda explains that she was hiding her identify to protect herself from her enemies, she tells Link that he has extraordinary courage. He then smiles at her. Towards the end of the game, Link and Zelda both return the Master Sword together at the Temple of the Sacred Sword and walk out the gate. Lana had also insisted that only the two of them could do it together.

Link and Marin

Link and Marin overlooking the sea

When Link takes Marin with him to wake up the walrus in Link's Awakening, the text hints that Link is hoping for something to happen between them.[68]

While walking together, Link and Marin share a moment together while standing on a small cliff overlooking the sea. Marin mentions that the cliff should be their secret place.[69]

At one point in the game, Marin confesses to Link that she wishes to know everything about him.[70]

Near the end of the game, some monsters kidnap Marin while she was singing to the Wind Fish egg and placed her on a rotting segment of the bridge crossing between the Tal Tal Mountains. Calling for help, she admits to Link that she's afraid of heights. Link rescues her using the Hookshot and, for a brief moment, she begins to admit something to him, but as she was about to confess, her father, Tarin, calls and breaks the moment.[71]

Link and Saria

As Link is leaving Kokiri Forest in Ocarina of Time, Saria appears behind him and tells him that although she knew he was meant to leave the forest, she doesn't mind because she knows the two of them will be friends forever.[72] As a memento, she gives the young hero the Fairy Ocarina. Saria tells Link to play it so that he will think of her and decide to return to the forest to visit.

When an adult, after completing the Forest Temple, Mido gives Link a message from Saria saying she “really... liked..." him.[73]

Ocarina of Time (Himekawa)

Saria smiling at Link

In the first chapter, Saria smiles at Link and mentions that even without a fairy, he's her "very best friend."[74]

Mido is often jealous of the close bond that Saria and Link have and accuses the young hero of flirting with Saria all the time. When Link is showing Saria how to use the Slingshot he just made, Mido angrily glares at Link and says: "That creep! He's flirting with Saria again!"[75] Furthermore, when Link goes inside the Great Deku Tree to defeat Gohma, Mido says he'll go with Link too since he won't let Link show off in front of Saria again. When Link asks what he's talking about, Mido says, "I won't let you have her!"[76]

Link and Malon

After Link successfully completes Talon's Super Cucco minigame in Ocarina of Time, Talon mentions that Link has the talent to be one of the world's best cowboys. He then asks if he would like to marry Malon, but Talon quickly laughs and says he was just joking.[77]

A Gossip Stone in front of the Temple of Time mentions how Malon wishes that a "knight in shining armor" would come and "sweep her off her feet someday."[78] This is likely the basis for the scenes described in the adult chapters of the Ocarina of Time manga.

Ocarina of Time (Himekawa)

Malon wondering if Link is her prince

When Link first meets Malon, she offers him a glass of Lon Lon Milk and sweetly smiles at him while doing so, to which the young hero stares back at her confused.[79][80]

After Kaepora Gaebora comes to the ranch and starts to take him away to Zora's Domain, Malon asks if he's "going already." Link promises to come back, and Malon yells out to him as he's leaving that he "better" keep his promise.[81]

Once Link tells Malon that he's come to save her, she replies that although she appreciates the thought, she's waiting to be saved by a prince, "not a fairy child."[82] However, shortly after when Link protects her from the attacks of the Gerudo, she gazes at Link with amazement and comments to herself that the "fairy child [has] grown up."[83][84]

In the next page, Link uses the hookshot to escape from the Gerudo attacks, and as she is being swept off her feet by Link, she wonders if he could be her long-awaited prince, all the while by looking at Link in admiration and awe. The next panel shows Malon sitting down with her heart beating and reassuring herself that "maybe he is" her prince.[85]

Link and Ruto

Ruto slowly swimming towards Link
After Link and Princess Ruto exit Lord Jabu-Jabu's belly in Ocarina of Time, the two of them are standing atop a tree trunk in Zora's Fountain.[86] Princess Ruto deeply gazes at Link, which causes the young hero to fall from the tree trunk into the water. Ruto, who follows Link into the water and slowly swims closer to him, then comments that Link "looked cool" while fighting. As a reward for saving her, she gives him the Spiritual Stone of Water, which is, unbeknown to Link, the Zora's engagement ring.[87]

A Gossip Stone states that although Princess Ruto is known for her selfish nature, she has taken a liking to a certain boy.[88]

When Link meets Princess Ruto inside the Water Temple, she reminds Link that she is his fiancée, and that she never forgot the vows they made to each other seven years ago.[89]

Once Ruto awakens as a Sage, she grants Link her "eternal love" to him as a reward, although she soon after mentions that she can't offer that now due to her being the Sage of Water.[90]

Ocarina of Time (Himekawa)

After Link rescues Princess Ruto, Ruto decides to give Link the Zora's Sapphire to the young hero instead of the man that her dad has prepared for her to marry. She says that it's the stone that she's supposed to give to her fiancée.[91] Once Link thanks her and begins to depart, she blushes and tells him, "Be sure to come back!"

After Morpha is defeated and Ruto awakens as a sage, she tells Link that he is worthy of being her fiancée, and begins to talk about how grand and happy her wedding will be. However, she then says that it cannot be, for she has to remain the Sage of Water.[92] Link, with a surprised look on his face, replies, "Oh, gee... That's such a...a shame, really."

Link and Ilia

Link and Ilia smiling at each other after Ilia recovers her memory

When Link goes to the Ordon Spring in Twilight Princess, he fondly smiles when he sees that Ilia is taking care of Epona.

Right before the Bokoblins attack both Ilia and Link, Ilia makes Link promise that he'll safely return from Hyrule, while Link replies with a smile.[93]

Much later, when Wolf Link is learning Ilia's scent, he remembers the promise he made with Ilia. Midna knows that he just picked up Ilia's scent based on his facial expression.[94]

When Wolf Link finally finds Ilia, Midna teases him: "Aw, what an emotional reunion! Yes, a girl and her wolf! Eee hee!".

Once Ilia recovers her memory, the scenery changes to that of Link, Ilia and Epona in the Ordon Spring. The two of them share a moment as they look and smile at each other.[95]

Link and Midna

Link holding Midna in his arms after she wakes up from having broken Hyrule Castle's barrier

After Link listens to Midna's tale of the Twilight while in the Gerudo Desert, she asks if he'll go with her to find the Mirror of Twilight, placing her hand on the young hero's cheek. Link only answers by smiling back at her.[96]

Once Midna breaks the barrier surrounding Hyrule Castle, she wakes up to find herself in Link's arms, who is smiling down at her.

When Midna is hitten by Puppet Zelda, Link quickly rushes to her aid only to be interrupted by barriers created by the possessed Zelda. Afterwards, a concerned Link tries to stop Midna on using the Fused Shadow's power as her last attempt to destroy Ganondorf but his action is suspended by Midna's transporting. Later, after Link witness Ganondorf holding up the helmet part of the Fused Shadows that was Midna's trademark garment, he makes a shocked expression as he sees Ganondorf breaking it with his hand.

Shortly after the Light Spirits bring back Midna, she reappears in Hyrule Field, not far from where Link is. When Link notices her, he quickly rushes to her, leaving Zelda behind. When Midna turns around and reveals her true form to Link, he gasps and stares in awe. Midna then jokingly says to Link, "What? Say something! Am I so beautiful that you have no words left?", to which the young hero only answers by smiling back at her.

At the end of the game, just as Midna is about to depart back to the Twilight Realm, she turns to Link and a tear begins to float towards the Mirror of Twilight. Midna then addresses Link, beginning with the word "I..." but never finishes her sentence, and instead just says "See you later" before taking the portal to the Twilight Realm while she smiles at him. However, this is not what the Japanese text literally translates to. Her last words, in Japanese, were "リンク…ま…またな…", which translates to "Link...s...see you."

Information with OST creators

Composers talk about Midna's Lament and other tracks during the release of Twilight Princess HD:

Toru Minegeshi: While there is a tragic situation where Link is running through the rain carrying a dying Midna, it also foreshadows the fact that they will grow closer over the time.

Asuka Ota: While I only created several tracks, of these I put the most effort into the music for the scene that depicts the heartbreaking relationship between Midna and Link.

Link and Peatrice

During the events of Skyward Sword, Link can gain the attention of the Item Check girl, Peatrice. If he speaks to her enough, she will eventually start asking questions about how he feels about her. If Link answers positively, she will continue getting friendlier with him until asking if he can meet at her house at night. If Link speaks to her father Peater during this time, he'll voice his concern that his daughter's admirer may be unwanted. In exchange for running off the "unrequited" suitor, he will ironically enough offer Link the chance to date her.

Once they meet at Peatrice's house, she will once and for all ask Link if he is in love with her. Saying yes will cause her to say she understands Link isn't ready to be in a relationship with her due to his mission. Doing so will cause her to produce 5 Gratitude Crystals, and continue acting affectionate when visiting her stand. Fi's analysis of Peatrice after this will mention that Link shouldn't mention their relationship to Zelda.[97]

However, Link can also say that he thinks she's special because she "checks items," or say he's lying after saying he likes her. This will cause her to become despondent, but after a few moments say she understands and that she will get over Link soon. She will continue to be somewhat friendly at the Item Check, but tease him about her ever-growing beauty. After this, speaking to Peater at Bamboo Island reveals he's upset his daughter is sad, but glad she isn't being followed by any boys. This will also produce 5 Gratitude Crystals.

It should be noted that while some of the conversation could be innocent misunderstanding, some of Peatrice's questions are overtly romantic. In particular, when she asks Link is he wants her to "take care of [him] forever." This is shortly after Link confirms that she is in fact in love with him. This could still be a misunderstanding, but would require Link to be particularly oblivious to her being in love with him.

Link and Mipha

Mipha was a childhood friend of Link in Breath of the Wild. In a flashback, she declares to Link that if anyone harms Link, she will be there to heal him. In another memory, she tries to reveal to Zelda how she uses her power. It's implied that it helps when she thinks about Link.

In the present day, it is outright confirmed she was in love with Link. A custom among Zora princesses is to hand make a piece of Zora armor for the man the princess chooses to be her husband, and the armor she makes fits Link perfectly, showing she made it for Link. Upon freeing Divine Beast Vah Ruta, Mipha's ghost appears, thanking Link for setting the two free. She claims their last hope was that they could see Link one last time. She promises that they will annihilate Ganon together.

Link and Paya

Paya is another girl shown with the Link in Breath of the Wild. She writes in her diary about him and gets flustered whenever he talks to her (especially when all armor is removed). She also gets incredibly embarrassed whenever Link asks her about her birthmark. In her diary, she states that she would be fine if he got together with Zelda, wanting him to be happy.


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