Shields of Twilight Princess

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There are three Shields available in Twilight Princess, the Ordon Shield, the Wooden Shield, and the Hylian Shield.

Ordon Shield

TP Ordon Shield Render.png
Main article: Ordon Shield

The Ordon Shield is the starting shield in the game. The Shield was originally intended to be used by the Ordon Villagers to fend off the monsters, but is stolen by Link while in Wolf Link form. If it is destroyed, Link cannot obtain a new one, and must purchase a Wooden Shield instead.

Wooden Shield

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The Wooden Shield replaces the Ordon Shield once it is purchased from Malo Mart. It is functionally identical to the previous shield.

Hylian Shield

TP Hylian Shield Render.png
Main article: Hylian Shield

The Hylian Shield is a stronger shield. Unlike the Ordon Shield and Wooden Shield, it cannot be destroyed by fire. It can either be bought from Malo Mart before entering the Goron Mines, or from a Goron in Hyrule Castle Town.