Shields of Spirit Tracks

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There are two Shields available in Spirit Tracks. They are the Shield and Shield of Antiquity.


Shield ST.png
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The Shield is the basic shield used in the game. It can be purchased from numerous shops, with the price varying from shop to shop. The shield is capable of reflecting most projectiles, and small enemies will bump off it should they run into Link. It, however, can be consumed by Like Likes. In the event that Link loses his Shield, he can purchase another one.

The Shield's design is similar to various other shields in the series, such as the Hylian Shield, including its blue base and bird-shaped emblem holding a Force Gem. The bird, however, is more similar to a dove and is colored white, reminiscent of the Lokomo symbol.

Shield of Antiquity

PH Wooden Shield Model.png
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The Shield of Antiquity is obtained by collecting 10 Stamps and showing them to Niko. It is the same Wooden Shield used by Link in Phantom Hourglass. Defense-wise, this shield functions the same as the regular Shield. However, due to it being one-of-a-kind, the shield cannot be lost to Like Likes. Should Link wish to switch between the Shield of Antiquity and the regular Shield, he may return to Niko's house and ask to switch them