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There are ten Shields available in Skyward Sword. Of these, the most basic Shields include the Wooden Shield, Iron Shield, and Sacred Shield. These Shields can be upgraded into stronger variations.

Unlike previous Zelda games, Shields in Skyward Sword have a durability bar, representing the amount of damage they can take. Once it is depleted, the Shield will break and is permanently lost,[1] unless Link has a infused Revitalizing Potion currently in his inventory. However, a new one can be purchased from the Gear Shop in the Skyloft Bazaar. Shields can be upgraded at the Scrap Shop to increase their durability, allowing them to take more damage without breaking.[2] The Hylian Shield is indestructible, and thus cannot be broken.


Wooden Shield

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SS Wooden Shield Icon.png

The Wooden Shield is the first Shield Link obtains in the game. It can either be bought from Rupin's Gear Shop in the Skyloft Bazaar for 50 Rupees, or received from Owlan as a gift.[3] The Wooden Shield is the weakest Shield in the game, but it is light and easy to handle, as explained by Owlan.[4] It is also weak to fire.[5]

Banded Shield

SS Banded Shield Icon.png

The Banded Shield is an upgraded version of the basic Wooden Shield. It is better and more durable than the Wooden Shield, but it is still vulnerable to fire. Link can obtain the Banded Shield by upgrading a Wooden Shield at the Scrap Shop.

Braced Shield

SS Braced Shield Icon.png

The Braced Shield is the best and final upgrade of the Wooden Shield. It is twice as strong as the Wooden Shield, but, like all Wooden Shield types, it has a weakness to fire.

Iron Shield

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SS Iron Shield Icon.png

The Iron Shield is obtained after Link clears the Skyview Temple. It is much more durable than the Wooden Shield and will not catch on fire.[6] However, being made of metal, it conducts electricity.[7] It is bought from the Gear Shop for 100 Rupees. It has two symbols on it that appear to be Loftwing footprints.

Reinforced Shield


The Reinforced Shield is the first upgrade of the Iron Shield. It is 1.5 times stronger than the Iron Shield. It also remains weak to electricity and electrical attacks. Its symbol consists of two birds facing each other, presumably Loftwings.

Fortified Shield

Fortified Shield Icon.png

The Fortified Shield is the most durable shield in the Iron Shield line. It is acquired by having Gondo upgrade a Reinforced Shield. Like its predecessors, it is vulnerable to electricity. It is two times as strong as the original Iron Shield.

Sacred Shield

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SS Sacred Shield Icon.png

The Sacred Shield can be bought at the Gear Shop for 500 Rupees after defeating The Imprisoned for the first time. It repels fire, electricity, and cursed attacks, and repairs itself over time, but is even weaker than the Wooden Shield. It is a source of fear to cursed enemies, such as Cursed Bokoblins. If thrust at them, they will cower and retreat. The symbol upon it appears to be a Loftwing talon.

Divine Shield

SS Divine Shield Icon.png

The Divine Shield is the second-best Sacred Shield. It has a longer durability bar than the standard Sacred Shield. The Divine Shield is acquired by upgrading the Sacred Shield at the Scrap Shop. It can be used to keep Cursed Bokoblins at bay in the same manner as its predecessor.

Goddess Shield

SS Goddess Shield Icon.png

The Goddess Shield is the best upgrade of the Sacred Shield. It is obtained by upgrading a Divine Shield at the Scrap Shop. True to its name, it has the face of Hylia depicted upon it. Like all of the other Sacred Shields, it repels cursed enemies.

Hylian Shield

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SS Hylian Shield Icon.png

The Hylian Shield is acquired by beating the eight Bosses in the Thunder Dragon's Lightning Round. It is the best Shield Link can obtain in the game. Unlike the others, it is completely unbreakable. However, it is earned late in the game, so much of its advantage is lost.


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