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Shields of Oracle of Seasons/Ages

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There are three Shields available in Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons. They are the Wooden Shield, the Iron Shield, and the Mirror Shield.

Wooden Shield

Main article: Wooden Shield
OoX Wooden Shield Sprite.png

The Wooden Shield is Link's L-1 Shield in the Oracle games. It is bought for 30 Rupees from the Lynna City Shop in Oracle of Ages and the Horon Village Shop in Oracle of Seasons. The Shield is also sold by certain Business Scrubs around the lands for a varying amount of Rupees.

Iron Shield

Main article: Iron Shield
OoX Iron Shield Sprite.png

The Iron Shield is the L-2 Shield, and the best Shield Link can obtain in a non-Linked Game. It can block some attacks that the Wooden Shield cannot. In Oracle of Seasons, it is obtained by giving the Subrosian Smithy a Wooden Shield and the Hard Ore. In Oracle of Ages, it is found on Crescent Island when Link finds the Tokay who stole his Wooden Shield. The Tokay will give him the Iron Shield instead of returning his old Shield. It can also be obtained with Secrets in a Linked Game. If it is eaten by a Like Like, it can be bought from any village shop for 50 Rupees.

Mirror Shield

Main article: Mirror Shield
OoX Mirror Shield Sprite.png

The Mirror Shield is only obtainable through Secrets in a Linked Game, and is thus optional. It is the L-3 shield, and it is able to block projectiles that the Wooden Shield and Iron Shield cannot. It can also reflect Twinrova's energy attacks. If it is lost to a Like Like, it can be bought from any village shop for 80 Rupees.