Shields of Majora's Mask

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There are five shields in Majora's Mask:

Hero's Shield

Majora's Mask - Hero Shield.png
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The Hero's Shield is the starting shield in Majora's Mask. The shield resembles a smaller version of the Hylian Shield. The crest on the shield is different to the normal Royal Crest seen on the Hylian Shield, but it still maintains the important symbolism including a depiction of a red bird and the Triforce.

Mirror Shield

MM Mirror Shield.png
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The Mirror Shield is the second shield in Majora's Mask, and is found Beneath the Well in Ikana Canyon. The shield functions much like its Hylian counterpart, with the additional ability of reflecting beams of light. The reflective surface of the shield has the engraving of a screaming face. This face also appears on one of the Happy Mask Salesman's masks.

Deku Link's Shield

The shield used by Deku Link is apparently half the shell of a large Deku Nut. It protects Deku Link from most harm save for fire attacks. It functions in a very similar manner to the Hylian Shield used by Young Link in Ocarina of Time. It allows Link to change direction slightly.

Zora Link showing off the magical powers of his special shield.

Goron Link's Shield

The shield used by Goron Link is simply his back. It protects him from all harm but doesn't allow any movement at all.

Zora Link's Shield

Zora Link's normal shield is an enlarged version of one of his arm fins. It blocks most attacks except fire attacks.

Zora Link also has the ability to project a magic barrier that protects him from all harm and also damages any enemy that touches it.