Shields of Link's Awakening

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There are two Shields available in Link's Awakening. They are the Shield and the Mirror Shield.

Unlike previous games, Link needs to equip the shield for it to be of use. Pressing the button to which it is equipped causes him to actively block attacks,[1] protecting him from most forms of damage if Link is facing his attacker. While blocking in this manner, Link can even bump into enemies without harm and do this to push some enemies out of his way without damaging them. For Spiked Beetles in particular, if Link bumps into one with his shield raised, it is flipped over and made vulnerable to other attacks.

Location and Uses


LADX Shield Wielded Sprite.gif

The Shield, or L-1 Shield, is the first Shield Link obtains. He gets it back from Tarin shortly after he wakes up in Marin and Tarin's house in Mabe Village. It seems this shield originally belonged to Link,[2] but was presumably lost when he shipwrecked at the game's outset. Link can also obtain an effectively identical shield in the same village, by buying one for 20 Rupees from the Town Tool Shop.

This shield can be eaten by a Like Like if Link has it equipped when the creature attacks him, requiring him to buy a replacement from the Town Tool Shop.

Mirror Shield

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LADX Mirror Shield Wielded Sprite.gif

The Mirror Shield, or L-2 Shield, is the more powerful replacement to Link's first shield. It is acquired in Eagle's Tower, the seventh and penultimate dungeon in the game. The Mirror Shield can deflect beams and fiery attacks the initial shield cannot,[3] and cannot be stolen from Link by Like Likes. It is essential for getting to the last dungeon, Turtle Rock, as it is used to pass through the flamethrower trap in a tunnel on the way to the dungeon.



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