Shields of A Link to the Past

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There are three Shields available in A Link to the Past. They are the Fighter's Shield, the Red Shield, and the Mirror Shield.

Fighter's Shield

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ALttP Fighter's Shield Sprite.png

The Fighter's Shield is the first Shield Link obtains. It is received from his uncle in the secret passage leading into Hyrule Castle. It is the most basic and weakest Shield in the game, and can only block small rocks and Arrows. It can be eaten by Like Likes and Pikits, but a new one can be purchased from the Dark World Shield Shop.

Red Shield

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Red Shield Sprite LttP.gif

The Red Shield is a better version of the Fighter's Shield. It is able to block small fireballs, and can be bought from the Dark World's Shield Shop. Alternatively, it can be acquired for free by throwing the Fighter's Shield into the Mysterious Pond in the Waterfall of Wishing. If Link answers the Great Fairy's question honestly, she will return the Fighter's Shield upgraded into the Red Shield.[1]

Mirror Shield

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ALttP Mirror Shield Sprite.png

The Mirror Shield is the best shield Link can possibly obtain in the game. It is found in Turtle Rock. It can halt almost any projectile, including those of the Laser Eye and Lynel. It can also reflect Wizzrobe attacks, however, it is not able to block a Beamos's laser. It cannot be robbed from Link by Pikits, however it can be eaten by Like Likes in A Link to the Past & Four Swords. If this occurs, the hero can purchase a new one from the shield shop in the Dark World.



  1. "Hello there. Did you drop this? I like an honest person. I will give you something better in return." — Great Fairy (A Link to the Past)