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Shell Jelly

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Shell Jelly
Chu Worm.png
A Shell Jelly encapsulating a Chu Worm, as seen in Twilight Princess
Habitat(s)Cave of Ordeals
Lakebed Temple
Effective Weapon(s)Bomb Arrow

Shell Jellies are enemies in Twilight Princess.[1]


Shell Jellies are Chu-like monsters that encapsulate and protect Chu Worms, making them both invulnerable to attacks. To defeat them, Link must either drag out and kill the Chu Worm using the Clawshot, or blast them with a Bomb Arrow.[1][2] After getting separated, Chu Worms will attempt to hop back into Shell Jellies.

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    Chu-like jelly monsters that contain Chu Worms. They absorb sword and arrow attacks. Link must draw out the worm inside in order to destroy both the jelly and worm."
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    These two-legged insect monsters hide inside Shell Jelly, using their protective shells to crush Link and absorb sword and arrow attacks. A Chu Worm can only be hurt by first dragging it out of the jelly or by blasting it with Bomb Arrows."
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