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Sheikah Tower

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Sheikah Tower
BotW Great Plateau Tower.png
Overhead view of a Sheikah Tower
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Sheikah Towers are locations in Breath of the Wild.[1]

Features and Overview

Sheikah Towers are tall, ancient structures that are found scattered across Hyrule. When activated, the these towers glow with a bright blue and their pronged tips will split open like a satellite. After being awakened from his deep sleep at the Shrine of Resurrection, Link is soon guided by a disembodied voice to a pedestal at a monument in the northeast of the Great Plateau. Upon placing the Sheikah Slate into the pedestal, all of the Sheikah Towers rise from the ground all over Hyrule and await activation.[2] The Great Plateau Tower rises where Link is standing. Upon activating the Great Plateau Tower, all of the Ancient Shrines also begin to glow orange and await activation.[3]

Sheikah Towers may be climbed by gradually scaling their wicker walls with platforms provided in-between elevations so that Link may rest if need be. Sheikah Towers often have obstacles that prevent Link from climbing them directly, such as Malice, spiked vines or various enemies. These can be scaled by using Revali's Gale. At the top of every Sheikah Tower is a pedestal where Link can install data onto his Sheikah Slate, which gives him a detailed map of the surrounding area.


There are 15 different towers scattered throughout Hyrule. Some regions of Hyrule, such as Necluda and Gerudo, have multiple towers within them.

Great Plateau Tower

Main article: Great Plateau Tower

The Great Plateau Tower is situated in the northeastern region of the Great Plateau. Initially, it is buried beneath the surface of the Great Plateau, requiring Link to use his Sheikah Slate to reactivate it. Upon reactivation, it causes a chain reaction across Hyrule, raising Sheikah Towers across all of Hyrule and activating all the Ancient Shrines in Hyrule.[4][5]

Out of all of the towers, it is the only one that doesn't have any major obstacles in the way of ascending it. It is also in direct view of Hyrule Castle being one of the closest towers to the castle.

Central Tower

Main article: Central Tower

The Central Tower is found in Hyrule Field in Central Hyrule. The Tower is southwest of Hyrule Castle near Mount Daphnes. Approaching the tower from the east through the Hyrule Garrison Ruins requires avoiding or defeating two Guardian Stalkers while the base of the tower is surrounded by three Decayed Guardians. Scaling the tower involves jumping from platform to platform to avoid the Decayed Guardians below if he has not defeated them.

Ridgeland Tower

Main article: Ridgeland Tower

The Ridgeland Tower is found in the Hyrule Ridge in Central Hyrule. The Tower is to the west of North Hyrule Plain and southeast from the Thundra Plateau.

The Ridgeland Tower sits in a lake filled with Electric Lizalfos and Electric Wizzrobes. Scaling the tower requires Link to either avoid the enemies below, lest he fall off the tower, or to defeat them before he ascends.

Atop the tower sits Branli, a Hylian researcher who studies the Rito. He was standing in the middle of the lake as Link activated the Great Plateau Tower and got stuck on the Ridgeland Tower.[6] For 20 Rupees, he will let you play a mini-game where Link jumps off the Ridgeland Tower and uses his Paraglider to glide out as far as he can. If he makes it far enough, Branli will reward Link with a Silver Rupee.

Woodland Tower

Main article: Woodland Tower

The Woodland Tower is found in the Great Hyrule Forest in Central Hyrule. It is north of the Military Training Camp and south of the Lost Woods. The Tower has a large stone skull on top of it covering a large portion of its view.

Hebra Tower

Main article: Hebra Tower

The Hebra Tower is a tower in Tabantha Frontier in the Hebra Region. It is located north of Tabantha Village Ruins. The bottom of the tower is surrounded with ice, which can be melted.

Tabantha Tower

Main article: Tabantha Tower

The Tabantha Tower is found on Nero Hill in Tabantha Frontier in the Hebra Region.

Gerudo Tower

Main article: Gerudo Tower

The Gerudo Tower is found in the Gerudo Highlands in the Gerudo Region. The Tower is west of Birida Lookout and is the tallest Tower in Hyrule. In order to climb the Tower, Link must glide to the Tower from Birida Lookout nearby. Kass can be found at the top of the Tower.

Wasteland Tower

Main article: Wasteland Tower

The Wasteland Tower is found on Spectacle Rock in the Gerudo Region. It sits within a dangerous swamp that Link must cross in order to get to the Tower.

Faron Tower

Main article: Faron Tower

The Faron Tower is found in the Bronas Forest in the Faron Region.

Lake Tower

Main article: Lake Tower

The Lake Tower is found in the Faron Region, overlooking Lake Hylia to the north.

Dueling Peaks Tower

Main article: Dueling Peaks Tower

The Dueling Peaks Tower is found near Dueling Peaks in West Necluda.

Hateno Tower

Main article: Hateno Tower

The Hateno Tower is found in East Necluda.

Lanayru Tower

Main article: Lanayru Tower

The Lanayru Tower is found to the east of the Lanayru Wetlands in the Lanayru Region.

Akkala Tower

Main article: Akkala Tower

The Akkala Tower is found in the Akkala Citadel Ruins in the Akkala Highlands in Akkala. It is guarded by several Guardian Skywatchers.

Eldin Tower

Main article: Eldin Tower

The Eldin Tower is found in Eldin Canyon in the Eldin Region, south of Death Mountain.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.gif
Language Name Meaning
Russian Federation Russian Башня шиика (Bashnya shiika) Sheikah tower



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