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Sheikah Language Translations

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Breath of the Wild is the only title in which the Sheikah Language appears. As its name implies, the Sheikah Language appears exclusively on Sheikah architecture and technology.

The Sheikah Language is based on English, as its letters are a cipher of the Latin alphabet.

Breath of the Wild Shiekah Language.svg

Sheikah Slate

Subject Image Location Sheikah Script English
Map locations ARTIFACT
Map colored Pins 0
Damaged Sheikah Slate RUNE
horizontal text along top and bottom SHEIKAHSLATE
Sheikah Slate (repeating)
Blinking text (portions of the alphabet)(repeating, lines alternate between going forwards and backwards)
Hyrule Compendium numbered entries (entry number, repeated once)
Final Trial map N E S W
(one at each cardinal direction)
#1 Album memory note,
before remembrance
Sacred Ground Ruins
#2 Album memory note,
before remembrance
Lake Kolomo
#3 Album memory note,
before remembrance
Ancient Columns
#4 Album memory note,
before remembrance
Kara Kara Bazaar
#5 Album memory note,
before remembrance
Eldin Canyon
#6 Album memory note,
before remembrance
Irch Plain
#7 Album memory note,
before remembrance
West Necluda
#8 Album memory note,
before remembrance
Hyrule Castle
#9 Album memory note,
before remembrance
Spring of Power
#10 Album memory note,
before remembrance
Sanidin Park Ruins
#11 Album memory note,
before remembrance
Lanayru Road - East Gate
#12 Album memory note,
before remembrance
Hyrule Field

Sheikah Towers

Subject Location Sheikah Script English
Sheikah Tower roof S HEIKAHTOWE RTriforce piece.png
Sheikah Tower
Distilling stone MASTER USING IT

Divine Beasts

Subject Location Sheikah Script English
Travel gate Divine Beasts TRANSPORT
transport (repeating)
Hump elevators rails Divine Beast Vah Naboris LINE
Line (repeating)
Moving platform between the humps Divine Beast Vah Naboris MOVE
Move (repeating)
Wide electric paths Divine Beast Vah Naboris HIGHVOLT
High Volt (High voltage, repeating)
Main shaft engravings Final Trial THEBRAVETRIAL
The Brave Trial (fragmented, repeating)
Large stone door's four bolts Final Trial W(upper left)
A (upper right)
E (lower left)
F (lower right)
Monk Maz Koshia arena floor, pillars and pedestal Final Trial TRIAL
Trial (repeating)
Monk Maz Koshia small incantation circle Final Trial R (Rin - Power)
P (Hyo/Pyo - Energy)
T (Toh - Harmony)
S (Sha - Healing)
K (Kai - Intuition)
J (Jin - Awareness)
R (Retsu - Dimension)
Z (Zai - Creation)
Z (Zen - Absolute)
(The Nine Syllable Seals)
Monk Maz Koshia large incantation circle Final Trial R (Rin - Power)
P (Hyo/Pyo - Energy)
T (Toh - Harmony)
S (Sha - Healing)
K (Kai - Intuition)
J (Jin - Awareness)
R (Retsu - Dimension)
Z (Zai - Creation)
Z (Zen - Absolute)
(The Nine Syllable Seals, repeated once)


Subject Location Sheikah Script English
Link's resurrection bed Shrine of Resurrection CAREUNIT
Care Unit
Shrine of Resurrection door Shrine of Resurrection SHUTOUT
Shut Out
One-Hit Obliterator stand Shrine of Resurrection TAKEIT
Take It
Sheikah Monk pagoda Ancient Shrines GOALPOINT
Goal Point
Floor tile used to interact with Monk Ancient Shrines GO
Entrance portal Ancient Shrines DUNGEON
Dungeon (rotated 180°, repeating)
Text adorning walls along Sheikah architecture Ancient Shrines DUNGEON
Dungeon (repeating)
Lift Ancient Shrines MOVINGPLATE
Moving Plate (repeating)
Barred gate Kaam Ya'tak Shrine DUNGEON
Dungeon (rotated 90°, repeating)
Portcullis Keh Namut Shrine SLIDEUP
Slide Up (rotated left 90°, repeating)
Gear Kam Urog Shrine ROTATE
Gyro Kaam Ya'tak Shrine GYROS
Gyros (repeating)
Stone plaque signs Shee Vaneer Shrine READ
read me hint
Metal plates Oman Au Shrine PLATE
plate (repeating)
Hinges of large metal doors Oman Au Shrine INWARD
inward (written twice per door)
Text on floor tiles before metal door (end tiles) Oman Au Shrine (full stop)MOVE(full stop)
move (written 3 times, rotating each time)
Text on floor tiles before metal door (middle tiles) Oman Au Shrine MOVE(space)ON
move on (because tiles repeat, text seems to say "move_onmove_on...")
Stake Switch Gee Ha'rah Shrine STAKESWITCH
Stake Switch
Carved text atop Cannons Bareeda Naag Shrine CANNONCANNON
Glowing text along Cannons Bareeda Naag Shrine DUNGEON (repeating)
Arch Mirro Shaz Shrine GOAL GOAL
Ramp Rok Uwog Shrine GOAHEAD
Go Ahead
(in mirror reverse fashion, repeating)
Thin electric pathways Kay Noh Shrine VOLTAGE
Exterior of Champion Ballad Shrine Sharo Lun Shrine THEBRAVETRIAL
The Brave Trial

Ancient Tech Labs

Subject Location Sheikah Script English
Rails near Distilling Stone Hateno Ancient Tech Lab SHUTTER
shutter (repeating)
Base of Cherry Akkala Ancient Tech Lab CHERRY
Cherry (repeating)

Calamity Ganon Tapestry

Whereas most Sheikah text enciphers English text, an exception to this rule is the tapestry found behind Impa, which instead enciphers a romanization of Japanese text.

Sheikah Script Japanese English
taiko no mukashi "hylia" no chi ni haneisita oukoku

ooku no tami-ra ga kurashi bunmei ga haguku-mareta
"sheikah" zoku no motarasita gizyutu ha koudo nari
kore wo site yakusai huuin no tasuke wo mouketamu
yuus yatosei naru hime ga kore wo huuin su
"hyrule" ni tuta waru yakusai no naha "ganon"
sihouni sinzyuu wo okite karaku rinohei wo haisu
korera no chiakra wo ete "ganon" wo huu zuruni itaru
oukeha "sheikah" zoku no tikara wo osoretsul housu
sonosu enite "sheikah" chiru

太古 の 昔 "Hylia" の 地 に 繁栄した 王国

多く の 民等 が 暮らし 文明 が 育むまれた
"Sheikah" 族 の 齎した 技術 は 高度 也
これ を して 厄災 封印 の 助け を 設けるむ
"Hyrule" に伝わる厄災の名は "Ganon"
これらの力を得て "Ganon" を封ずるに至る
王家は "Sheikah" 族の力を恐れ、追放す
その末にて "Sheikah" 散る

Long ago, in ancient times, a kingdom prospered in the land of Hylia.

Many people/citizens lived there, and civilization was cultivated.
The Sheikah tribe brought technology that is advanced.
Doing this provided help for sealing the calamity.
The hero and the holy princess attempt to seal it.
In Hyrule, the calamity is called "Ganon".
Divine beasts are placed in four directions and a mechanical army is distributed.
The royal family fear and exile the Sheikah tribe's power.
At the end of this the Sheikah scatter/disappear.


Subject Image Location Sheikah Script English
Outer edge of Pedestals Overworld or Shrines STONESPHERESOCKET
stone sphere socket (repeating)
Inner text of Pedestals Overworld or Shrines SOCKET TEKCOS
socket tekcos (rotates by 90 degrees)
Ancient Orbs Overworld or Shrines STONESPHERE
stone sphere (repeating)
Travel Gates Shrine entrance, Ancient Lab entrance, Travel Medallion CALLING
calling (repeating)
Text on Beacons Overworld, where player places map pins ITS DANGEROUS TO GO ALONE
it's dangerous to go alone (repeating)
Dinraal's Horns Dinraal's horns during the EX Champion Revali's Song quest HORN
Rings of Light BotW Sheikah Text Ring Of Light.jpg Death Mountain, must fly through many of these to access Sharo Lun shrine 9876543210
Ring on Astral Observatory floor BotW Laboratory Sheikah Eye.png Astral Observatory LABORATORY (repeating)

Other Appearances

Game Subject Sheikah Script English
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Platform on the Great Plateau Tower Stage SMASHBROS
Smash Bros.
Product Subject Sheikah Script English
Switch Light Up Dock Shield
NA BotW Collector's Edition
Official NA BotW web page
Zelda themed shield[1]
Collector's box & soundtrack case
Decorative trim text[2]
The Hyrule Fantasy


  1. ↑ [1], Link to product page.
  2. ↑ [2], Link to North American official website.
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