Sheh Rata Shrine

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Sheh Rata Shrine
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The Sheh Rata Shrine,[1] designated by the Trial name Speed of Light,[1] is an Ancient Shrine in Breath of the Wild.

Entrance to the Shrine

The Sheh Rata Shrine is found in the Lanayru Wetlands.

Themes and Navigation

This Shrine contains one large room. The floor in the entire middle of the Shrine is much lower and contains a shallow level of water. Link can find a Treasure Chest directly to the right of the entrance on a small ledge below. He also finds a big crank in the floor to the left that he can spin around to cause an elevated laser to rotate around the room. If a little force is applied to the crank, the laser will rotate one full revolution on its own. At the end of the revolution, it will always hit a switch and then stop, activating the two water pumps in the room. This causes the water level to rise up to the floor Link currently stands on, allowing him to swim across to the other side of the room. Before Link does so, he must activate the laser with the crank once again and quickly swim across before the water level lowers. The water level must be lowered because Link must place a metal barrel onto a switch with Magnesis and the barrel floats in water. Doing so will open the gate to the end of the trial. The Monk Sheh Rata will be waiting there and rewards Link with a Spirit Orb.

Near the end of the trial, Link can find another Treasure Chest. In order to reach it, Link must first raise the water level again and use Cryonis to reach the switch that the laser hits after it rotates. He must place a Bomb next to the switch so that he can detonate it later to activate the switch without the laser. Link must repeat the same process as before to get to the end of the trial and detonate the Bomb while there to raise the water level once again. This allows Link to use Cryonis on the water and reach the Treasure Chest, which contains a Giant Boomerang.


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