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Shamae is a character in Breath of the Wild.


Shamae is a little girl who works at the Woodland Stable. During the day on clear weather, she can be found at the Stable's patio next to its Barrels. She tells Link that she has dreams of a land in the sky, and believes that people used to live there long ago.[1] She desires to watch balloons float high into the sky and asks Link if he could help her realize her dream.[2] She promises to give him a treasure she got from the sky,[3] and instructs that he put some balloons onto one of the Barrels.[4] This initiates the "Balloon Flight" Side Quest. Link completes her request by attaching an Octo Balloon to one of the Barrels and allowing it to fly high enough. Overjoyed, she confesses that her dream is to visit the land in the sky by balloon.[5] She then gives him the promised treasure: a Star Fragment.


  • Shamae's dream of an ancient land in the sky may be a reference to Skyloft. She also dreams of riding a "really big bird" there, which may refer to Skyloft's Loftwings.[5]


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