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Shadow Link Battle

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Shadow Link Battle
Game(s) A Link Between Worlds
Feature(s)Battling against StreetPass shadows

Shadow Link Battles are a game mode in A Link Between Worlds. It uses the StreetPass feature to match Link up with shadow versions of other Links met via StreetPass.


Shadow Link Battles are only available after Link has spoken with Gramps in the StreetPass Meadow, and set up his own Shadow Link. The equipment and life given to Link's Shadow is dependent on what he currently has equipped himself. Link can speak to Gramps again later to change his Shadow. The better the equipment on a Shadow Link, the bigger the bounty will be for its defeat.

To engage in a battle, Link only needs to talk to a Shadow Link and start the fight after viewing some basic information about the Shadow Link. Shadow Links can be found all over Hyrule and Lorule, and the signs in StreetPass Meadow can help Link find these locations. When a battle is to begin, Link and the Shadow Link he talked to will be teleported to one of the five arenas. The location of the battle is defined by the location of the Shadow Link challenged.


The setup screen for a player-made Shadow Link

For every defeated Shadow Link, Link is rewarded with a bounty dependent on the equipment the Shadow Link had equipped during the battle. The maximum bounty is 999 Rupees, which requires all of the Shadow Link's equipment to be fully upgraded.

Link has control over the bounty others might get from defeating their Shadow Link, as its equipment does not automatically update when Link acquires new gear. Rather, Link merely needs to talk to Gramps in order to change his Shadow Link's setup. It is not possible to reset the gear once the setup has been updated, so in order to keep the bounty as low as possible, a Shadow Link should be created early on in the game.


Completing all of the challenges

There are a total of 50 Challenge Medals Link can achieve over the course of Shadow Link Battles. These achievements range from keeping count of Link's overall victories, to adding extra challenges such as forbidding walking or beating the enemy in 10 seconds. None of these challenges are missable, as clearing a challenge with an upgraded item also clears the challenge for the non-upgraded item.

After completing all of the challenges, Link unlocks the ability to fight against Gramps at anytime.

Pre-generated Shadow Links

Occasionally, the game generates a Shadow Link with the name "Shade". These Shadow Links are generated once in about five hours. There are a total of 20 different Shadow Links, each with their own name and items. Link must visit the StreetPass Tree Gramps had planted for these enemies to spawn.


Sky Arena

An arena that is held in the sky and features the Royal Crest in the middle of the stage. While there are no traps, Link and Shadow Link can fall off the edge.

Forest Arena

A clearing in a forest, featuring grass that can be cut for Hearts, Bees, and Fairies. There is also an Apple tree at its center, where both Link and Shadow Link can eat apples to regain heath.

Fire Arena

The fire pillars that randomly appear in the arena

The arena is held over a lava lake, and has jets of lava that burst up and through the metal grate floor at random. Link can use Ice Rod to freeze one of the columns and use Ravio's Bracelet to merge into the wall, making the Fire Arena one of the two possible arenas to use the Bracelet, and thus complete the "Win after using Ravio's Bracelet!" challenge.

Ice Arena

The arena is made of breakable ice tiles with a few bumpers that can push Link or the enemy away if walked into. Both Bombs and the Fire Rod are capable of breaking the tiles, which can cause the enemy to fall down.

Desert Arena

The arena is covered in sand, making it possible to use the Sand Rod to create sand pillars. Due to this, the Desert Arena is one of the two arenas where it is possible to use Ravio's Bracelet.

The Desert Arena is the rarest of the arenas; fights usually occur here only if the Shadow Link is encountered in the Desert.

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