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BotW Sesami Model.png
Race Hylian
Gender Male

Sesami is a character in Breath of the Wild.[1]


Sesami is a Hylian man who can be found at the Gerudo Canyon Stable. When Link initially meets him, Sesami asks him if he has seen his friends, named Oliff, Flaxel, Canolo and Palme.[2][3] He explains that he was separated from them when some monsters jumped them at the Koukot Plateau.[4][5] Sesami says that he ran away and did not stop until he made it to Gerudo Canyon Stable.[6] Sesami is worried that the monsters got his friends and wishes he could have saved them,[7][8] but he is not much of a fighter.[9] Sesami believes that even with the sword of legend, he still could not slay the monsters.[10] When Link asks what he means by this, Sesami tells him of a mythical sword that sleeps in the Great Hyrule Forest and speculates that a legendary sword must be really strong.[11][12] Sesami questions for a moment if a sword like that could really make him into a "monster-slaying hero."[13] Sesami quickly dismisses the thought that his friends are in danger and asks Link to let his friends know where he is if he happens to find them.[14][15] After Sesami finishes speaking, Link receives the "Missing in Action" Side Quest where he must find Sesami's friends in order to complete it.

Link can find Sesami's friends at the Koukot Plateau, where he must rescue them each from monsters. After rescuing Canolo, she immediately expresses anger toward Sesami, saying that he ran away as soon as the monsters showed up.[16] After saving Flaxel, she is also very angry that Sesami was at the stable instead of saving her.[17] After saving Palme, he wonders to Link why Sesami did not come to save him and questions if Sesami lied about mastering martial arts.[18]

After rescuing all four of Sesami's friends, they can be found at Gerudo Canyon Stable with Sesami. Sesami will tell Link that he is glad to see his friends are safe and thanks him by rewarding him with 300 Rupees.[19] Before Sesami finishes talking, he tells Link that he is glad this happened because it helped him realize the importance of friendship.[20] He reflects on what he learned, expressing to Link that while opening up to others makes a person more vulnerable, it is the only way to give life value.[21] Sesami then bluntly reveals that he will be parting ways with his friends because caring for others is an emotional liability.[22] In reality, Sesami has no idea what lesson to take away.[23]

If Link returns to Sesami, his friends will no longer be at the Stable. If Link talks to Sesami again, he tells him that he came at just the right moment and that Link should hear what he has been going through.[24][25] Sesami tells Link that he has been unsure whether or not he should venture into the Gerudo Desert. When Links asks him why not do it, Sesami says that the Temperature in the Desert swings dramatically between the day and night.[26] He explains that one's health would suffer without the right clothing.[27][28] Sesami then says that even Horses do not like going into the Desert and adds that considering all of that with monsters in the mix,[29] it is a nightmare of a place.[30] Sesami once again brings up the legendary sword that sleeps in a forest, saying that he would be safe in the Desert with it.[31][32] He goes on to explain that he thinks the legendary sword is in the Great Hyrule Forest in the Eldin Region and that the Fairies that live there will confuse those who enter the forest.[33][34] Sesami says that he would love to see the legendary sword just once if it exists.[35] He then jokes that he gets lost in the woods even without Fairies messing with him, so he could never make it through the Great Hyrule Forest.[36]



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