Servant of the Tower

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Servant of the Tower
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The three servants of the tower
Main appearance(s)

Servants of the Tower are characters featured in The Wind Waker.[name reference needed]


As their name suggests, they are stone statues found within the Tower of the Gods. Link can control them by playing the "Command Melody" on the Wind Waker, and he can make them follow him as well by calling them with the R Button.[1]

When Link returns the first Servant of the Tower to its proper place, it will reveal the song stone that teaches him the "Command Melody" and tells the young hero to guide the rest of his kind back to their "places of truth."[2] If there is an area where Link cannot take a Servant with him, he can proceed without the statue since it will remain in its place until the young hero returns for it.[3] Like most statues in the tower, the Servants can be used to press down switches to open otherwise unaccessible areas. Moreover, these statues are invulnerable to lasers that Link cannot go through, allowing them to press switches for the young hero while he controls them. Returning all of the servants to the central chamber will grant Link access to the next floor.


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