Sentrobe Bomb

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Sentrobe Bomb
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Sentrobe Bombs are enemies in Skyward Sword.[name reference needed]


Fi's Comment

A report, master.

Target lock: Sentrobe Bomb

This is a bomb projectile fired from a Sentrobe. It will follow its target anywhere, although a timed fuse ensures it will explode after a set time.

After a Sentrobe's missile is deflected back at it, it will deploy Sentrobe Bombs, which are smaller, more easily destructible versions of the Sentrobes. When deployed, Sentrobe Bombs follow Link around and explode after a set time limit. Link can safely destroy them by slicing them alongside their opening, either vertically or horizontally. Unlike their larger counterparts, they cannot fire missiles at Link. When Sentrobe Bombs are following Link, they are accompanied by a high-pitch, mechanical theme.


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