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BotW Sefaro Model.png
Race Hylian
Era Era of the Wilds

Sefaro is a character in Breath of the Wild.[1]


Sefaro is a curious boy who spends his time with his friend Azu,[2] spying on the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab in an effort to see a mysterious Sheikah girl rumored to be there.[3] Despite his determination, neither he nor Azu have any luck in spotting the little girl.[4][5] While he would like to go up to the Lab and get a definite answer,[6] Azu reminds him that they are not allowed to get too close.[7] It is getting to the point where Sefaro begins to doubt that the girl exists.[8] If Link gets in the way of his line of sight, Sefaro will angrily demand that he moves.[9][10] However, if Link shows interest in what he is doing, Sefaro will happily tell him why he and Azu are there before catching himself.[11] Link can attempt to apologize for interrupting Sefaro's mission and the boy will huff at him in irritation.[12]

At 8 in the evening, Sefaro is forced to call it quits for the day and go home. Still, he is adamant about returning in the morning.[13] While he sleeps, he continues to grumble and wonder about the rumored Sheikah girl.[14][15]


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