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Secret of the Snowy Peaks

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Secret of the Snowy Peaks
BotW Peak Log.jpg
Link reading the The Mountain Peak Log
Quest Giver Mountain Peak Log
Location Mount Granajh
Reward Access to the Suma Sahma Shrine

Secret of the Snowy Peaks is a Shrine Quest in Breath of the Wild.


There is a small, ruined shack on Mount Granajh where Link can read someone's journal called the Mountain Peak Log. It describes someone's findings on a hidden Shrine nearby.[1] The Mountain Peak Log contains a passage instructing to cast a cold shadow onto the core of the pedestal when it glows.[2] Reading it will give Link the "Secret of the Snowy Peaks" Shrine Quest. Link must wait until the sun's position allows him to cast a snowball's shadow onto the pedestal, which resides nearby on the side of Daval Peak. To do so, Link must simply stand at the edge of Mount Granajh at 4:00 PM and hold a snowball so that its shadow casts onto the center of the pedestal. Once the pedestal is activated, the Suma Sahma Shrine will be revealed and the Quest will be complete.


Stage Description
1 In a diary left long ago, there were a few lines on investigations concerning the mysterious pedestal.

"When the snowy mountain pedestal glows, cast a cold shadow onto its core."

You gather that there is a secret hidden in the pedestal nestled in the snowcapped peaks.
Complete Casting a shadow on the mysteriously glowing pedestal revealed none other than an ancient shrine!

Now venture inside and undergo the trial.



  1. "This is a log of my findings concerning the shrine that sleeps on a snowy Gerudo peak." — Mountain Peak Log (Breath of the Wild)
  2. ""When the snowy mountain pedestal glows, cast a cold shadow onto its core."" — Mountain Peak Log (Breath of the Wild)