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Oracle of Ages Trading Sequence

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The Trading Sequence in Oracle of Ages is an optional side-quest that results in Link receiving the Noble Sword.

Poe Clock

Poe Clock artwork

To begin the Trading Sequence, Link must talk to Allan in Yoll Graveyard. It can be found next to a rock near the Spirit's Grave dungeon. If Link moves the headstone blocking the Poe's tomb, it will give Link the Poe Clock.

Quote1.png You got the Poe Clock! It lightens the heart? Quote2.png
— N/A



To obtain the Stationery, Link must travel to the Post Office in Lynna Village and give the Postman the Poe Clock. The Postman will rush out of the Post Office, but not before giving Link the Stationery.

Quote1.png You got Stationery! Who will you write to? Quote2.png
— N/A

Stink Bag


For this part of the Trading Sequence, Link must talk to the Hand, who can be found in a house on the western part of Lynna Village will ask for paper. If Link gives the Hand the Stationery, he will receive the Stink Bag in return.

Quote1.png You traded Stationery for a Stink Bag! Eww... It stinks! Quote2.png
— N/A

Tasty Meat


On Crescent Island in the present, there is a Tokay cook with a bad cold. If Link presents the Stink Bag to him, it will clear up his cold. As thanks, the Tokay will give Link the Tasty Meat.

Quote1.png You got Tasty Meat! It's the chef's specialty! Quote2.png
— N/A

Doggie Mask


To obtain the Doggie Mask, Link must go to the Mask Shop in Lynna City. By talking to the Happy Mask Salesman and giving him the Tasty Meat, Link will receive the Doggie Mask.

Quote1.png You got a Doggie Mask! A dog-lover will love it! Quote2.png
— N/A



If Link talks to Mamamu Yan in Lynna City near the Black Tower, she will give him the Dumbbell in exchange for the Doggie Mask.

Quote1.png You got a Dumbbell!!! But there's only one! Quote2.png
— N/A

Cheesy Mustache


The Cheesy Mustache is obtained by giving the Dumbbell to Thomas in Symmetry Village. He can be found in the basement of the house in the middle of Symmetry Village in the past.

Quote1.png You got a Cheesy Mustache! It's weird... Quote2.png
— N/A

Funny Joke


To obtain the Funny Joke, Link must give the Cheesy Mustache to the Comedian.

Quote1.png You learned a Funny Joke! Will you be a big hit? Quote2.png
— N/A

Touching Book


Link can tell the Funny Joke to Dekadin, the sad boy in Lynna Village. For cheering him up, he will give Link the Touching Book.

Quote1.png You got a Touching Book! It's a sad story. Quote2.png
— N/A

Magic Oar


To obtain the Magic Oar, Link must have an encounter with Maple. This can be done by defeating thirty enemies (or fifteen with Maple's Ring), then heading to one of the Maple locations in the past as shown on the right. When Link runs into Maple, he will drop the Touching Book, which Maple will take. In return, she will give Link the Magic Oar.

Quote1.png You got the Magic Oar! It cuts a mean wake! Quote2.png
— N/A

Sea Ukulele


The Sea Ukulele is obtained by talking to Rafton. His house can be found on the South Shore near the Black Tower in the past. He will take the Magic Oar and give Link the Sea Ukulele.

Quote1.png You got the Sea Ukulele! It has a sweet, sea scent! Quote2.png
— N/A

Broken Sword


In a cave near the Coast of No Return, Link will find the Old Zora. If Link gives him the Sea Ukulele, he will give Link the Broken Sword, the final item in the Trading Sequence before the reward.

Quote1.png You got the Broken Sword!...Hey! It's broken! Quote2.png
— N/A

Noble Sword

OoS Noble Sword Sprite.png

If Link brings the Broken Sword to Patch, he will repair it if Link helps him with his "ceremony." After completing the "ceremony," Patch will grant Link the Noble Sword, thus ending the Oracle of Ages Trading Sequence.

Quote1.png You got the sacred Noble Sword! Quote2.png
— N/A