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Sea Island

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Sea Island
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Sea Island is a location in Zelda's Adventure. It is a small island in the sea of Tolemac, where the Shrine of Water is located.

Features and Overview

Sea Island is a small, blue island to the southeast of Tolemac. Aside from a small river that cuts through the island, it is largely featureless and its surface is completely uninhabited—no people or monsters can be found here. It is, however, home to a cave which leads to the Shrine of Water, where Agwanda and various other monsters reside.

The island can only be reached by taking a Raft from the Seacoast Plain port town. However, as the coast's wind has died down, the seafarer owning the Raft requires that Zelda bring her own in the Vial of Winds,[1] in addition to paying 20 Rupees. While crossing the sea to the island, Zelda fights a Sea Monster, and must defeat it to proceed.


  1. "If you wish to cross the sea, bring us twenty Rubies and a Vial of Wind. The offshore wind has died down, and you must bring your own breeze." — Rafter (Zelda's Adventure)