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Sea-Breeze Boomerang

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Sea-Breeze Boomerang
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The Sea-Breeze Boomerangs,[1] also known as the Boomerang in The Wind Waker,[name reference missing] is a recurring item in The Legend of Zelda series.

Location and Uses

The Wind Waker

The Boomerang can be found inside the Forbidden Woods in The Wind Waker. It now can lock onto up to five different targets,[2] which is used in various puzzles involving Switches or for collecting multiple items at the same time.

The Boomerang primarily stuns enemies, though it can kill Boko Babas in one hit.

Breath of the Wild

The Sea-Breeze Boomerang is obtained by scanning either the Super Smash Bros. or The Legend of Zelda series Toon Link amiibo with the amiibo Rune. It is the Boomerang used by Link during the Era of the Great Sea and it consequently retains the scent of the Great Sea.[3] Despite this, Link can obtain multiple Sea-Breeze Boomerangs from repeatedly scanning the Toon Link amiibo. The Sea-Breeze Boomerang is flammable and will disintegrate if left exposed to flames.

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    A boomerang said to have been used by a hero who traveled the Great Sea. It smells faintly of salt water.
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  2. "You got the Boomerang! Set it to and throw it with [Y], [Z], or [X]. Target specific objects by holding the button you set it to and aiming at something until the red targeting cursor changes to a [Target lock mark]. You can target up to five objects at once." — N/A (The Wind Waker)
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