Scroll of Confusion

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Scroll of Confusion
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Scrolls of Confusion are items in Cadence of Hyrule.[1]

Location and Uses

Scrolls of Confusion are items that causes temporary confusion amongst nearby enemies, inverting their movement and causing them to walk and attack in the direction opposite to the heroes, sometimes causing them to fall down holes and trapdoors. However, the scrolls can only be used once and only a maximum of one Scroll of Confusion can be stored in the hero's inventory. Collecting multiple Scrolls of Confusion will not stack, meaning that collecting multiple scrolls of the same type will not add more scrolls to the hero's inventory, forcing the heroes to be carefully manage how they use them and when they should pick up extras if there are any present.

They can be bought from a Shopkeeper, or found as loot from red Treasure Chests or as a random reward after destroying a stack of books with an explosive.

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