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TMC Scratcher Sprite.gif
Main appearance(s)
Julietta (master)[1]

Scratcher is a character in The Minish Cap.[1]


While attempting to locate Librari in the Royal Hyrule Library, Link is tasked with retrieving overdue Library Books, one of which is in the possession of Julietta. From inside Julietta's house, Link must make his way up onto the top of the bookshelf while avoiding Scratcher. Ezlo warns him of the Cat, claiming that it looked at him as if it wanted to eat him.[2] Once Link makes it past Scratcher, Ezlo will exclaim in relief.[3]

Link can Fuse Kinstones with Scratcher,[4] causing a Treasure Chest containing a Kinstone Piece to appear in Minish Woods.[5]


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