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Savage Labyrinth

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Savage Labyrinth
Savage Labyrinth Safe Room.jpg
One of the labyrinth's resting floors
Location(s) Outset Island
Game(s) The Wind Waker
Main Item The Wind Waker:
Triforce Chart
Piece of HeartTriforce piece.png
The Wind Waker HD:
Triforce Shard
Hero's Charm

The Savage Labyrinth is a mini-dungeon in The Wind Waker.

Entrance to the Labyrinth

The entrance to the labyrinth is located on a cliff on the far east side of Outset Island. It can only be accessed with the Deku Leaf or the Hookshot. To enter the labyrinth, Link must have obtained the Power Bracelets to remove the Stone Head covering the entrance. The labyrinth itself consists of fifty-one floors filled with various enemies. As Link progresses further down into the labyrinth, the enemies become more difficult and the rooms become more perilous.

Themes and Navigation

The Savage Labyrinth is a hidden cave that Link must enter to obtain a Triforce Chart in The Wind Waker or a Triforce Shard in The Wind Waker HD, which are located on floor thirty-one. To move on past that floor, the Mirror Shield is required, although moving on is completely optional. The only recovery items are at every tenth floor. Also, enemies do not drop items of any kind. However, Hearts, Rupees, Arrows, Bombs, Magic Jars, and Spoils can be stolen from them with the Grappling Hook.

In the Japanese version of The Wind Waker, the Treasure Chest at the end of the labyrinth contains a Yellow Rupee (10 Rupees). In the international version of The Wind Waker, it contains a Piece of Heart (relocated from a Treasure Chest under Link's House). In The Wind Waker HD, it contains the Hero's Charm (the Piece of Heart is relocated again, to the treasure found with Treasure Chart #46).

Once Link has cleared the labyrinth, its difficulty increases, much like the Cave of Ordeals from Twilight Princess. The labyrinth will then feature more enemies than before, making it more difficult.


Peahats in one of the labyrinth's floors
01. Entrance
02. Keese ร—10 03. Miniblin ร—6 04. Bokoblin ร—4
05. Red ChuChu ร—6 06. Magtail ร—4 07. Keese ร—4, Miniblin ร—4
08. Fire Keese ร—4, Magtail ร—4 09. Bokoblin ร—4, Fire Keese ร—2 10. Moblin ร—2
11. Recovery floor, optional exit
12. Peahat ร—6 13. Green ChuChu ร—4 14. Boko Baba ร—5
15. Green Bokoblin ร—4 16. Mothula ร—5 17. Boko Baba ร—3, Peahat ร—3
18. Blue Bokoblin ร—4, Green ChuChu ร—4 19. Mothula ร—3, Green Bokoblin ร—2 20. Winged Mothula ร—2
21. Recovery floor, optional exit
22. Wizzrobe ร—3 23. Armos ร—4 24. Armos Knight ร—2
25. Yellow ChuChu ร—6 26. Red Bubble ร—4 27. Green Bokoblin ร—2, Darknut ร—1
28. Armos ร—3, Wizzrobe ร—1 29. Armos Knight ร—2, Red Bubble ร—2 30. Darknut ร—2
31. Recovery floor, Triforce Chart #6 (TWW), Triforce Shard (TWWHD), optional exit
32. ReDead ร—6 33. Blue Bubble ร—5 34. Dark ChuChu ร—6
35. Poe ร—5 36. Winged Mothula ร—3 37. ReDead ร—3, Moblin ร—2
38. Dark ChuChu ร—5, Winged Mothula ร—1 39. Poe ร—5, Moblin ร—2 40. Blue Bubble ร—4, Stalfos ร—2
41. Recovery floor, optional exit
42. Miniblin ร—24 43. Red ChuChu ร—10, Green ChuChu ร—10, Yellow ChuChu ร—10 44. Wizzrobe ร—5
45. Bokoblin ร—16 46. ReDead ร—4, Stalfos ร—2 47. Moblin ร—3, Darknut ร—2
48. Wizzrobe ร—3, Darknut ร—2, Electric Barrier 49. Stalfos ร—3 50. Darknut ร—4, Moblin Statue x6
51. Piece of Heart (TWW), Hero's Charm (TWWHD), exit


  • Several Mothulas appear in the Earth Temple enemy floors, despite the fact that they do not appear in the Earth Temple itself.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ้ญ”็ฃใฎ่ฟทๅฎฎ (Majuu no Meikyuu) Magical Beast Labyrinth


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