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Sand Sanctuary

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Sand Sanctuary
Link and Rael engage in their duet in the Sand Sanctuary as Princess Zelda's spirit looks on.
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The Sand Sanctuary is a location within the Sand Realm of the re-established kingdom of Hyrule in Spirit Tracks. It is located in the sandy dunes just north of the waters of the Ocean Realm and is the home dwelling of the realm's Lokomo guardian, Rael.

Features and Overview

After defeating Byrne atop the Tower of Spirits and witnessing the revival of the Demon King Malladus, Link and Princess Zelda are sent by Anjean to recover the legendary Bow of Light from the final temple in the kingdom of Hyrule far across the dunes of the Sand Realm, the Sand Temple.[1] To reach the temple across the desert sands, Link sees that like all the other realms he has visited, he must first restore the realm's lost Spirit Tracks that lead to the temple in order to fully explore it. After succeeding in restoring enough of the tracks through the use of a Force Gem given to them by Anjean to reach the Sand Sanctuary, the pair travel to the Sand Realm to restore the final temple and recover the only weapon capable of banishing Malladus from a human host.

Link at first finds the area of the sanctuary to be an empty clearing of sand, but soon realizes the area is a miniature model of the entire desert.[2][3] After reading an ancient inscription nearby, the young hero must journey around the Sand Realm to find the four giant head statues scattered around the realm and trace their gazes to find their intersection. Once done so, the place where the gazes intersect on the map is the same place where Link must place a bomb in the sanctuary, where it will reveal the hidden doorway to the sanctuary's inner sanctums as well as Rael, the Lokomo sage.[4] Together, he and Link perform the necessary Lokomo Song with Link wielding the Spirit Flute, restoring the Spirit Tracks and reopening the path to the Sand Temple far across the desert.

Force Gem

After Link completes the Sand Temple, Link can bring Rael five Cuccos from Hyrule Castle Town to help him with his Cucco research, which consists of harnessing the unbelievable power the Cuccos possess when they call others as they are being threatened by others and use this power for the good of mankind.[5] As a sign of gratitude, Rael will give the young hero a Force Gem that reveals more tracks in the Fire Realm, opening way to the Ends of the Earth Station.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 砂の叢祠 (Suna no Hokora) Sand Shrine
Canada FrenchCA Sanctuaire des sables
French Republic FrenchEU Sanctuaire des Sables
Federal Republic of Germany German Sandschrein Sand Shrine
Italian Republic Italian Santuario delle dune
Community of Latin American and Caribbean States SpanishLA Altar de las Arenas Altar of the Sands



  1. "In the battle between the Demon King and the spirits, there was a weapon called the Bow of Light... Perhaps it can drive his spirit from your body." — Anjean (Spirit Tracks)
  2. "Do not dwell on what's inside. Instead, turn your gaze outward. There are no statues here." — Gossip Stone (Spirit Tracks)
  3. "The lake forms the sea. The paths forms the rails." — Gossip Stone (Spirit Tracks)
  4. "Find me by blasting the area where the gazes of the big statues meet." — A sign (Spirit Tracks)
  5. "Do you know about the birds called Cuccos? They are flightless. But when cornered, they can call their friends to unleash an amazing power. I want to study this phenomenon more closely... My goal is to harness this unbelievable Cucco power for the good of mankind. And this is where you come in, young man. Would you bring me some Cuccos? The more Cuccos, the better. At the very least, I'd like five. Once you bring them to me, I'll give you something nice. Thanks!" — Rael (Spirit Tracks)
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