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Sand-Seal Rental Shop

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Sand-Seal Rental Shop
BotW Southeast Sand-Seal Shop.jpg
The Southeast Booth
Main Appearance(s)

The Sand-Seal Rental Shop is a shop in Breath of the Wild.

Features and Overview

The Sand-Seal Rental Shop rents Sand Seals, an Animal native to the Gerudo Desert Gateway.[1] There are two Sand-Seal Rental Shops in Gerudo Town. The Southeast Booth is managed by Frelly and the Northwest Booth is run by Frelly's Mother, Kohm.[2] Both booths are marked by a large statue of a Sand Seal with the word "rental" written beneath it in Gerudo. It costs 20 Rupees to rent a Sand Seal or 50 Rupees if Link does not have a Shield. Sand Seals allow Link to travel the Desert very quickly. Essa is an employee at Frelly's Southeast Booth. Essa tells Link that since all of the Sand Seals were trained by Frelly, they are faster and will not run away from Link.[3]



  1. "Sand seals are animals native to the Gerudo Desert Gateway." — Frelly (Breath of the Wild)
  2. "That look... Hmm. You must be the Hylian Frelly was talking about. My name is Kohm—I'm Frelly's mother." — Kohm (Breath of the Wild)
  3. "The sand seals here were all trained by Frelly. They're faster, and they'll wait for you to return to them." — Essa (Breath of the Wild)