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Eye Keese FoE.png
Habitat(s)Ganon's Lair
Effective Weapon(s)Sword

Sancromies (pronounced /sænˈkɹuːmiː/ san-KROO-mee)[1] are enemies in The Faces of Evil.


Sancromies are flying, bat-like enemies that swarm the road leading to Ganon's Lair. Initially Sancromies are completely invisible, but once Link has acquired the Lantern of Vision from Gwonam, they become visible. Their only means of attack is to fly directly at Link. As with most flying enemies in The Faces of Evil, they can respawn repeatedly from certain areas.

Sancromies to vulnerable to the Sword and most other weapons.

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  1. "Now you will see the Sancromies that prevent your approach to Ganon!" — Gwonam (The Faces of Evil)