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Eye Keese FoE.png
Habitat(s)Ganon's Lair
Effective Weapon(s)All

Sancromies (pronounced /sænˈkɹuːmiː/ san-KROO-mee)[1] are flying, bat-like enemies that appear in the Philips CD-i game The Faces of Evil.


Sancromies are flying enemies that appear in Ganon's Lair. They closely resemble Jawbees, but are distinguished by a single eye in their mouths. Initially they are invisible, but once Link acquires the Lantern of Vision from Gwonam, they become visible. Sancromies are rather weak, and are easily defeated by any of Link's weapons. Their only means of attack is to fly directly into Link.


  1. "Now you will see the Sancromies that prevent your approach to Ganon!" — Gwonam (The Faces of Evil)