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BotW Sagessa Model.png
Race Hylian
Gender Female

Sagessa is a character in Breath of the Wild.[1]


Sagessa is found at Dueling Peaks Stable. During the daytime, she sits beside the Stable's Cooking Pot, but typically spends her nights admiring the nearby Ancient Shrine, Ha Dahamar Shrine. She takes shelter inside the Stable when it Rains, and wishes it would stop for a while. While fleeing from the Rain, she warns Link that Lightning will strike metal objects, and advises him to watch himself if he's wandering around with a metal weapon.[2] She mentions that the Sheikah in Kakariko Village wear clothing that allows them to work in the Rain, but laments that only Sheikah can wear it and won't sell the clothing to anyone else.[3] If Link inquires about Kakariko Village, she will explain to him where it is located.[4] If Link ignores her instead, she will remind him of the dangers of Lightning.[5]

Sagessa greets Link when he speaks to her, as many travelers do not pass through the area.[6] Sagessa says it is sometimes easy to forget the world almost ended during the Great Calamity because of how peaceful it can be.[7] Despite this, she notes that monsters still tend to wander around, and that the area near Hyrule Castle is especially dangerous.[7] Sagessa tells Link that if he is going to be traveling he should know about Elixirs.[7] If Link he explains that an Elixir can be made by cooking Bugs and other small creatures with Monster Ingredients.[8] She notes that while most Elixirs do not restore health, they can still have different effects, like increasing speed or raising resistance to extreme Temperatures.[8] Impressed that Link has made it so far without knowledge of Elixirs, Sagessa gives him a Hasty Elixir in case something happens to him, in order to ease her conscience.[8] Since Hasty Elixirs increase running speed, Sagessa says she uses them to escape from monsters or when she needs to hurry.[9] The Recipe is simple, so she usually has a rough stock of 10 on hand.[9] If Link states that he already knows all about Elixirs while Sagessa is standing near the pond, she'll be surprised that he's leaving so soon and decides to spend her time admiring the Ancient Shrine.[10] If Link tells her this during the day, she'll point out how only twins seem to run the Stable, and how this fact unnerves her.[11] If spoken to again, Sagessa will repeat her information of Elixirs, but will not give Link another one.[12] While walking between places at the Stable, Sagessa will complain about how hungry she is.[13]

If Link approaches the Apples near the Stable, Sagessa will tell him that anything lying around the Stable is free for the taking.[14][15] She also comments on the crispness of the Apples and assures Link that Darton and Shibo will go pick more if the Apple supply runs out.[16][17]

After Link completes the Ha Dahamar Shrine near the Stable, Sagessa may meet him outside and say that although it only recently started glowing, the Ancient Shrine has been there for about 10,000 years.[18] She says there are so many that it sometimes feels like there is a Shrine behind every hill.[18] She also says that though archaeologists get excited about finding Shrines, she has no time for mysteries and would rather leave that to younger people.[18] Despite this, Sagessa notes that the glowing light does make the concept romantic.[19]


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name
Japan Japanese サゲサ (Sagesa)


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