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Sage Medallion

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Sage Medallion
OoT3D Medallions Model.png
The six Medallions from Ocarina of Time 3D
Main appearance(s)
Symbolize the awakening and power of the Sages

Sage Medallion are items in Ocarina of Time.[1][note 1]

Location and Uses

The Medallions represent the awakening and power of their respective Sages. Link obtains each of them after awakening a new Sage, whose powers are symbolically added to those of the young hero. Each Medallion bears the emblem and color of its respective element, and has the Triforce emblazoned on its back.

Modified versions of the fire and water emblems appear underneath Koume and Kotake when they manifest before Link in the Spirit Temple. The fire symbol faces to the left rather than the right, while the water symbol has eight points rather than six.

As a set, the emblems of the Medallions reappear in the Arbiter's Grounds in Twilight Princess and in the ceiling of the vestibule of the Sealed Temple in Skyward Sword, after it is reassembled following the return of the Statue of the Goddess to the Surface.

List of Medallions

Below is a brief description of the Medallions. They are listed according to their order on the status subscreen.

Light Medallion

OoT Light Medallion Icon.png
Light Medallion.png

The Light Medallion is the first Medallion Link gains on his quest to save Hyrule.[3] It is given to him by the ancient Sage of Light, Rauru, after Link awakens as the Hero of Time.[4]

Forest Medallion

OoT Forest Medallion Icon.png
Forest Medallion.png

The Forest Medallion is the Medallion Link gains after defeating Phantom Ganon in the Forest Temple.[5] It is given to him by the newly awakened Sage of Forest, Saria.[6]

Fire Medallion

OoT Fire Medallion Icon.png
Fire Medallion.png

The Fire Medallion is the Medallion Link gains after defeating Volvagia in the Fire Temple and freeing all of the trapped Gorons within.[7] It is given to him by the newly awakened Sage of Fire, Darunia. According to Darunia, it contains the "power of the fire spirits" and the Goron considers it a token of his friendship with Link.[8]

Water Medallion

Water Medallion.png

The Water Medallion is the Medallion Link gains after defeating Morpha in the Water Temple.[9] It is given to him by the newly awakened Sage of Water, Ruto.[10]

Spirit Medallion

OoT Spirit Medallion Icon.png
Spirit Medallion.png

The Spirit Medallion is the Medallion Link obtains after defeating Koume and Kotake and their fused form,[11] Twinrova, in the Spirit Temple. It is given to him by the newly awakened Sage of Spirit, Nabooru. Nabooru offers it to Link in lieu of the promise she made to him when he was a child.[12]

Shadow Medallion

OoT Shadow Medallion Icon.png
Shadow Medallion.png

The Shadow Medallion is the Medallion Link gains after defeating Bongo Bongo in the Shadow Temple.[13] It is given to him by the newly awakened Sage of Shadow, Impa.[14]

Method of Obtainment

While the listing above is the order seen in the Quest Status Subscreen, the Medallions can be secured in a number of different orders simply by entering a dungeon and obtaining its main item. The player can then move on to different dungeons with the new equipment. The Light Medallion must always come first, however, and it is worth noting that the Water Temple can be entered and completed before entering the Fire Temple. Also, the Shadow Temple cannot even be entered prior to beating the Water Temple, and the Forest Temple has to be cleared before Link is able to complete the Spirit Temple due to the requirement of traveling back in time. There are a total of thirty different ways to beat the temples.

Curiously, the Spirit Medallion and the "Requiem of Spirit" appear before the Shadow Medallion and the "Nocturne of Shadow" in their respective places on the Quest Status Subscreen.

Development History

An equipped Wind Medallion, later renamed the Forest Medallion, in a beta screenshot of Ocarina of Time[15]

During the early development stages of Ocarina of Time, Nintendo intended that the Medallions could be used by Link. Several early screenshots depict Link with the Forest Medallion (then known as the Wind Medallion) equipped, as the Medallions were the original method of warping through Hyrule instead of using the Ocarina of Time.[16]

In a November 1997 interview by Famimaga 64, Shigeru Miyamoto explained that the Medallions, known as "Magic Medallions", were supposed to have been used in conjunction with Link's Bow and Arrow.[17] There were to be six types of Magic Medallions, including fire, wind, darkness, and light, meaning that they might have been used instead of the Fire, Ice, and Light Arrows that turned out in the final, released version of the game.[17]

The Forest Medallion and Water Medallion were originally the "Wind Medallion" and "Ice Medallion," but their names and corresponding dungeons were changed during development.[15] Two icons relating to these original medallions are still present in the game's code.[18]

Remnants of these original themes are present in the released version of Ocarina of Time, such as Saria's part in Ganon's Castle being wind-themed, Ruto's part in Ganon's Castle being ice-themed, and the presence of an Ice-themed mini-dungeon. Also, the symbols on the Medallions were never changed; the Forest Medallion has an image similar to a wind-like vortex on it while the Water Medallion bears the image of a snowflake.


The pattern similar to the Light Medallion


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name
Light Medallion Forest Medallion Fire Medallion Water Medallion Spirit Medallion Shadow Medallion
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland EnglishUK Light Medallion Forest Medallion Fire Medallion Water Medallion Spirit Medallion Shadow Medeallion
Japan Japanese 光のメダル 森のメダル 炎のメダル 水のメダル 魂のメダル 闇のメダル
People's Republic of China ChineseSI 光之奖章 (OoT3D) 森之奖章 (OoT3D) 火之奖章 (OoT3D) 水之奖章 (OoT3D) 魂之奖章 (OoT3D) 暗之奖章 (OoT3D)
Canada FrenchCA Médaillon de la lumière (OoT3D) Médaillon de la forêt (OoT3D) Médaillon du feu (OoT3D) Médaillon de l'eau (OoT3D) Médaillon de l'esprit (OoT3D) Médaillon de l'ombre (OoT3D)
French Republic FrenchEU Médaillon de la lumière Médaillon de la forêt Médaillon du feu Médaillon de l'eau Médaillon de l'esprit Médaillon de l'ombre
Federal Republic of Germany German Amulett des Lichts Amulett des Waldes Amulett des Feuers Amulett des Wassers Amulett der Geister Amulett des Schattens
Italian Republic Italian Medaglione della luce (OoT3D) Medaglione della foresta (OoT3D) Medaglione del fuoco (OoT3D) Medaglione dell'acqua (OoT3D) Medaglione dello spirito (OoT3D) Medaglione dell'ombra (OoT3D)
Community of Latin American and Caribbean States SpanishLA Medallón de la Luz (OoT3D) Medallón del Bosque (OoT3D) Medallón del Fuego (OoT3D) Medallón del Agua (OoT3D) Medallón del Espíritu (OoT3D) Medallón de la Sombra (OoT3D)



  1. Sage Medallions were referred to as the Spiritual Medallions on[2] However, as this contradicts the name given in Hyrule Historia, it is not considered Canon.


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