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Rushroom Rush!

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Rushroom Rush!
BotW Pirou.jpg
Pirou talking to Link at the Gerudo Canyon Stable
Quest Giver Pirou
Location Gerudo Canyon Stable
Reward Diamond

Rushroom Rush! is a Side Quest in Breath of the Wild.


To begin the Side Quest, Link must speak to an old man named Pirou at the Gerudo Canyon Stable. He tells Link that he feels out of energy without Rushrooms.[1] Pirou offers Link a Diamond if he gives him 55 Rushrooms.[2] After giving him the Rushrooms, Pirou tells Link that he left the Diamond for him behind the Stable.[3] Pirou also questions why Link went through all the trouble for a Diamond.[4] Link can come back to Pirou any time to exchange 55 Rushrooms for twice the market value. After the Quest is complete, Link will find a Treasure Chest behind the stable containing the Diamond that Pirou promised to give him.


Stage Description
1 Pirou at the Gerudo Canyon Stable claims that he can't live without rushrooms, but because they grow on cliffs, he's unable to pick them himself. He's offered to trade a diamond for 55 rushrooms.
Complete You traded 55 rushrooms to Pirou at the Gerudo Canyon Stable for a diamond.

But it seems he could still use more.

If you bring them, he'll pay twice the market value for another 55 rushrooms.


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  2. "I'll give a diamond for 55 rushrooms. That's worth the effort, right?" — Pirou (Breath of the Wild)
  3. "I left that rock I promised you behind the stable." — Pirou (Breath of the Wild)
  4. "Beats me why anyone would go to such trouble for a little ol' rock... I'd rather have rushrooms any day." — Pirou (Breath of the Wild)