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Rus, clutching Link's sword.
Other appearance(s)
Cassiopia (mother)
River Man (father)

Rus is a young child who appears in the The Legend of Zelda comics by Valiant Comics published by Valiant Comics. He is the son of Cassiopia and the River Man and lives in the Water Town of Saria.[1][2][3] He is featured in the Trust Me and Day of the Triforce stories of the comic.


Rus is first introduced in Trust Me. When Ganon visits Saria, claiming to come in peace,[4] he picks up Rus as the rest of the villagers flee. When Ganon asks Rus why he is afraid of him,[5] Rus replies that Ganon is the evil one.[6] The Prince of Darkness explains to him him that those are simply lies that were spread by Link, whom he refers to as a man-monster.[7][8]

The villagers befriend Ganon, but Link and Princess Zelda come to Saria for a visit. When Ganon is about to kill Link, he asks Rus give him Link's sword.[9] Rus refuses, asking what will happen to Link.[10] When Ganon demands Rus to give him the sword,[11] Rus attempts to run away. Ganon then tries to punish him for his disobediance with a magic spell,[12] but fails when Princess Zelda dives in front of the boy, taking the blast. After Link manages to defeat Ganon, Rus is seen safe and sound, with Link thanking him for his help.[1]

In Day of the Triforce, after Cassiopia goes to North Palace to ask for Princess Zelda's help in ridding her town free of Ganon's minions, the River Man reveals to his wife that Rus was bitten by a Rope Snake as he was trying to run away from the Lynels that were attacking him.[13] Desperate, Cassiopia confesses that Rus is beyond her healing powers and that he will not last beyond sundown,[14] but just then Zelda tells her that she will go to the Magic Spring and bring a fairy to cure the boy.[15] Although Cassiopia wants her to go,[16] her husband insists that Zelda go and destroy Ganon instead, for who knows how many other children will die if the Prince of Darkness is not stopped once and for all.[17] Eventually, Princess Zelda makes up her mind and chooses to save Rus instead, bringing Miff along to easily cure the boy's injuries and thus saving his life.[18]


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