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Rupee Rush

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Rupee Rush
ALBW Rupee Rush.png
Location(s)South of Kakariko Village (Hyrule)
South of Thieves' Town (Lorule)
Game(s)A Link Between Worlds
Cost50 Rupees (Hyrule)
100 Rupees (Lorule)

Rupee Rush is a minigame in A Link Between Worlds, appearing in both Hyrule and Lorule.

Location and Rules

During the minigame, Link must collect as many Rupees as possible before the time runs out.[1] Based on how close to the time limit Link finishes the game, multipliers are added to the score. The catch of the game consists in not showing the timer on-screen, so that Link must guess when the time runs out.[2] If Link finishes the game after the 30 second time limit, he will not receive any of the Rupees that he collected.[3][4]

In Hyrule, the game is run by the Rupee Rush Gal who charges Link 50 Rupees per game.[5] Some Rupees can be found hidden beneath stone tiles or trapped inside boulders. These can be obtained by using the Tornado Rod or the Hammer. If Link manages to score at least 100 Rupees, he will be rewarded with a Piece of Heart.[6][7]

In Lorule, the game is run by the Rupee Rush Guy who charges Link 100 Rupees per game.[8] The Sand Rod is required in order to access some of the most valuable Rupees. If Link scores at least 150 Rupees, he will receive another Piece of Heart.[9][10]


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ギリギリルビーゲーム (Girigirirubīgēmu)
Canada FrenchCA Ruée vers les rubis Same as English.
French Republic FrenchEU Rubis sur le fil Rubies on the wire
Federal Republic of Germany German Tempo-Rubinjagd Timed Ruby Hunt
Republic of Korea Korean 아슬아슬 루피 게임 (Aseul-Aseul Lupi Geim) Athletic Rupee Game
Community of Latin American and Caribbean States SpanishLA Riqueza con cabeza Wealth with head



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