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Rupee Ore

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Rupee ore
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Collecting Rupees

Rupee Ores are minerals in Skyward Sword that may drop a Rupee when shot.[1]

Location and Uses

Rupee Ores can be found along the walls of the Thrill Digger minigame cave in the Eldin Volcano. By shooting at them with either the Slingshot or the Bow, they will occasionally drop a Rupee that Link can pick up.[1] There are three colors of Rupee Ore, with each color corresponding to the type of Rupee that can be dropped. Green Rupee Ores can drop Green Rupees, Blue Rupee Ores can drop Blue Rupees, and Black Rupee Ores can drop Rupoors.

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  1. 1.0 1.1 "You see the shining stone sticking out of the wall? That's pure Rupee Ore! It's also why there are so many Rupees to dig up here. If you sling something at it, it'll pop right out. Go on and give it a try!" — Tubert (Skyward Sword)