Royal Rapier

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Royal Rapier
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The Royal Rapier is an item in Cadence of Hyrule.[1]

Location and Uses

The Royal Rapier is a special Weapon that can only be wielded by Zelda after she completes the King of Hyrule's trial within Hyrule Castle.[2] It is locked inside a blue Treasure Chests located at the end of the vault after Link and Zelda maneuver past the fireballs from Green Gargoyle and Purple Gargoyle and either cross the gap with the Hookshot or Longshot, or use the Magic Boomerang to break open the Treasure Chests and retrieve the Rapier.

It functions similarly to the Rapier where it lunges Zelda forward after she knocks back an enemy, but deals an output of 2 or 3 damage instead of 1.[1]


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