Royal Guard's Claymore

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Royal Guard's Claymore
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Royal Guard's Claymores are items in Breath of the Wild.[1]

Royal Guard's Claymores are one of the weapons stronger than the upgraded Master Sword, the others including the Ancient Battle Axe++, and the Savage Lynel Crusher. These weapons have high damage, but low durability. These are part of the Royal Guard's Series, that include the Royal Guard's Sword, Royal Guard's Spear, and the Royal Guard's Shield.

Location and Uses

You can find this Claymore in Hyrule Castle's armory, and also in the hands of Black Moblins, somewhere close to the Armory room. Royal Guard's Claymore can also be traded to Parcy, for an Ruby. You can do a glitch, to get infinite rubies, when Parcy takes your Claymore, it still shows in your inventory.


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ItalyItalianSpadone da guardia reale
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  1. "Royal Guard's Claymore" — Inventory (Breath of the Wild)

Have you gone to the giant castle north of here? That's Hyrule Castle. It's said to have fallen to ruin over a hundred years ago. I used to sneak in there to salvage ancient treasures, but it's too dangerous to go in there now. These days it's surrounded by an eerie mist and savage machine-like creatures. Back when it was safer, I went in looking for this ultra-rare equipment that once belonged to the royal guard. It's legendary among collectors, but I was never able to find any..." — Parcy (Breath of the Wild)