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Royal Guard

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This article is a work in progress.

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Royal Guard
EstablishmentEra of Prosperity
Hyrule Castle
Objective(s)Protect the royal family above all else, no matter the cost.
Leader(s)Royal Family of Hyrule

Royal Guards,[1] also known as Throne Room Guards,[2] are bodyguards dedicated and designated to protect the Royal Family, particularly the king and princess of Hyrule Kingdom.



The Guards seen in the throne room in Ocarina of Time wear royal purple breeches under their plate armor. They also have more ornamental helmets with golden tips.

In Breath of the Wild the Royal Guard wears clothing instead of armor. They wear a blue and read coat with white gloves.


Ocarina of time

Throne Room Guards

Several guards are depicted guarding the King of Hyrule in his throne room. They can be seen through the window in the Courtyard. Ultimately they were either killed or forced to retreat when Ganondorf overthrew the castle.[3]

Twilight Princess

Throne Room Guards

Several guards protected Princess Zelda in Hyrule's last stand against the Twilight invasion. When the Shadow Beasts stormed the Throne Room, the guards were violently slain.[4]

Breath of the Wild

Throne Room Guards

In one of the memories Link regains, Royal Guards are shown standing around King Rhoam during his ceremony to entitle the Champions.[1]

Several weapons and clothing of the Royal Guard are scattered around the ruined castle. There are Royal Guard's Swords, Royal Guard's Claymores Royal Guard's Halberds Royal Guard's Shields Royal Guard's Bows, Royal Guard Uniform, Royal Guard Cap, and Royal Guard Boots[1]