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Royal Crypt

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Royal Crypt
The Minish Cap - Royal Crypt Entrance.png
The entrance chamber of the Royal Crypt
Location(s) Royal Valley
Game(s) The Minish Cap
Quest Reward(s)Golden Kinstone Piece

The Royal Crypt is a mini-Dungeon in The Minish Cap.[1] It is the tomb of Gustaf, an ancient king of Hyrule,[2] whose spirit provides Link with a golden Kinstone Piece that can be used to access Veil Falls.[3][4]

Entrance to the Crypt

The Royal Crypt is situated in the graveyard of the Royal Valley, which is located to the west of Hyrule Castle and can be accessed from Hyrule Field.[5][6] After Link has obtained the Water Element from the Temple of Droplets, he is visited by the spirit of Gustaf, who tells him to "stand before [him]".[7] He marks the location of the Royal Crypt on Link's Map, which Ezlo notices, saying that they should visit it after they have visited the Elemental Sanctuary.[8] Link is also told to visit the Royal Valley by Gentari.[5] In order to reach the entrance to the Crypt, Link must navigate the maze-like forest leading up to the graveyard,[9] seek the help of Dampé the gravekeeper,[2][10][11] and obtain the Graveyard Key.[12] He must then open the entrance by using the Picori Blade to duplicate himself and activate three Switches.

Themes and Navigation

Although it belongs to the Royal Family of Hyrule, the Royal Crypt, like many other burial sites in The Legend of Zelda series, has a eerie, macabre atmosphere.[13] It is home to undead enemies such as Gibdos and Stalfos, and it is in a state of disrepair, containing cracked floors, torn carpets, and deep pits that pose a danger to Link. In order to navigate the mini-Dungeon, Link must make use of the Picori Blade and the Flame Lantern.

Enemies and Traps


  • The Royal Crypt contains many callbacks to The Legend of Zelda.
    • The background music that plays inside the Crypt is a remix of the music that plays inside Dungeons in the original game.
    • The sound effect that is heard when the two Small Keys in Gustaf's room are revealed is the same as the sound effect that is heard when a hidden item is uncovered in the original game.
    • The Gibdos in the Crypt can be seen holding Small Keys and Bombs, much like Stalfos did in the original game.
    • The four statues in the entrance chamber of the Crypt are similar to those found in the entrance chambers of the Dungeons in the original game.
    • The Torches in the Sub-Boss room shoot fire, much like some Torches in the original game.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 王家の墓 (Ōke no Haka) Tomb of the Royal Family
French-speaking countries French Tombeau des Rois Tomb of the Kings
Federal Republic of Germany German Grab der Königfamilie Grave of the Royal Family
Italian Republic Italian Mausoleo Reale Royal Mausoleum
Spanish-speaking countries Spanish Mausoleo real Royal mausoleum



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