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This article is about Rouru, a character from the Ocarina of Time manga by Akira Himekawa. For the sage, see Rauru. For the town, see Rauru Town.
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Rouru is a character in Ocarina of Time manga by Akira Himekawa.[name reference needed] He is the heir to the tribal leadership of the Watarara tribe.[1][2] One year, when the juvenile Watarara's wings would begin to grow,[3] he fell off his mother's back during migration,[4] and landed in the river below. While Link was fishing in the same river, he felt a tug on his fishing pole. When he yanked it out of the water, he found the nearly drowned child hanging from his pole. Realizing that the Watarara child was in dire condition, Link took him to Dr. Mizumi's laboratory to recover. Mizumi was glad to take the child in, although after Rouru had been partially healed he destroyed most of the doctor's lab.[5] Also, every time he got a chance, would pick on poor Navi. Once, Navi got so angry that she left Link and Rouru for a short time.[6]

Rouru awakens

At one point after a fight with a twister caused by two Flare Dancers, Link was in a freefall to his doom. Luckily, Rouru's wings grew in just in time to "save" Link, but he was too heavy to carry and they both went hurtling to the ground.[7] Luckily Rouru's mother, Elrora comes in the knick of time to land them gently on the ground.

Shortly after Rouru was fully healed, the rest of the tribe arrived, and safely returned home.



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