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This article is about the enemy. For other uses, see Rope (Disambiguation)
TFH Rope Model.png
A Rope from Tri Force Heroes
Other Media
Effective Weapon(s)Conventional weaponry (Sword, Bow etc.)
SpoilsHeart (TLoZ)
One Rupee (TLoZ)
Five Rupees (TLoZ)
Clock (TLoZ)
EXP Points20

Rope are recurring enemies in The Legend of Zelda series.[1]


These poisonous snakes seem docile under normal circumstances, but will charge at targets that pose a threat to their territory.[2][3] They are easily dispatched with most conventional weaponry. Unlike most enemies throughout the evolving Zelda series, the Rope has changed relatively little in attack pattern and appearance.

Rope (Figurine from The Minish Cap)
TMC Rope Figurine Sprite.png
Appears in various areas. They’ll come straight for you if they spot you. Just swing your sword when they charge at you.

The Legend of Zelda

The Legend of Zelda Manual Comment

The Legend of Zelda


A poisonous snake that has made the labyrinths its home. It senses other creatures quickly and suddenly comes after them (and Link, for that matter!) once it has found them out. This one hasn't got a lot of attacking power.

TLoZ Rope Sprite.png Ropes appear in red and flashing varieties in The Legend of Zelda. When defeated, Ropes may drop either a Heart, one Rupee, five Rupees or a Clock.[note 1]


Golden Rope

Golden Rope.png

In The Minish Cap, after certain Kinstone Fusions, a Golden Rope will appear as a product. The Golden Rope is only different from the original incarnation in its color scheme and vitality.

Golden Rope (Figurine from The Minish Cap)
TMC Golden Rope Figurine Sprite.png
Golden Rope
Appears in… Well, we’re not sure! The legendary Golden Rope. It’s much more aggressive than the normal ones: it will attack you on sight.



Skullropes appears as a more worm-like monster with a skull for a head.[5] This variety is only encountered in Dark World dungeon Thieves' Town in A Link to the Past. If Link pulls one particular lever in the dungeon, they will fall from above, much like regular Ropes did early in the game. Aside from their appearance, they are equal in strength and behave identically to normal Ropes.

In Tri Force Heroes, Skullropes are more commonly encountered than normal Ropes and require more hits to be defeated. They attack by jumping above the Links' heads and attempting to drop down onto them, rather than simply rushing toward them. The internal file names in Tri Force Heroes refer to Skullropes as Bubble Ropes.

Non-canon Appearances

The Legend of Zelda TV Series

Ropes, as seen in the animated series

Ropes appear in the "Underworld Connections" episode of The Legend of Zelda TV series. When Link opens a door in the Underworld to find a Triforce of Wisdom shard, various Ropes lunge themselves at the young hero. After Link zaps a few of them with his Crissword, Princess Zelda tells him to stop since otherwise Ganon will know their location.[6] Link, who is now wrapped over by two Ropes, is set free by the princess when she gets out a boomerang and uses it to defeat the snake-like foes,[7] allowing the heroes to proceed through the Underworld but not before Link picks up a Bomb that was dropped by one of the Ropes.

The Legend of Zelda (Valiant Comics)

Although Ropes do not appear in the The Legend of Zelda comics by Valiant Comics, they are mentioned in the Day of the Triforce story. When Princess Zelda and Cassiopia arrive to the Water Town of Saria, Cassiopia's husband comes and brings their son, Rus, and tells them that he has been bitten by a Rope when he was trying to escape the Lynels that had attacked earlier on.[8] It is explained that a Rope's bite is lethal and cannot be cured by normal healing;[9] as such, it requires a fairy's magical powers to be properly cured.[10]

The Crystal Trap

In The Crystal Trap, Princess Zelda can encounter a Rope if she does not have the Large Brass Key necessary to open the Iron Door. Although the princess will try to attack it with her bow, the Rope will swiftly attack her, leading the book to a Game Over as Zelda screams for help.[11]



TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ロープ (Rōpu)
スカルロープ (Sukarurōpu)
French Republic FrenchEU Rope -
Federal Republic of Germany German Giftwurm Poison Worm
Italian Republic Italian Corda
Serpente Triforce piece.png
Kingdom of Spain SpanishEU Rope
Cuerda Dorada

Golden Rope



  1. If Link defeats 10 enemies without getting hit or teleporting with the Recorder, then the 10th enemy defeated will drop five Rupees. However, if the 10th enemy is defeated with a Bomb, then it will drop four Bombs. If Link defeats 16 enemies without getting hit or teleporting, then the 16th enemy will drop a Fairy. After the 16th enemy, Link must get hit and reset the counter to zero in order to achieve this effect again. Defeating Armoses, Like Likes, Keeses, or Gels will not be counted.[4]


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