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BotW Rola Model.png
Cado (ex-husband)

Rola is a character in Breath of the Wild.[1]


Rola is a Hylian member of the Sheikah Tribe who owns The Curious Quiver, a General Store in Kakariko Village. When Link first visits her, she mentions that she has not had a customer in a long while.[2] She explains that this is due to the fact that not many of their younger villagers need a Bow.[3] Rola is excited for the opportunity of a young new customer and implores that Link take his time browsing.[4] When he bids her farewell, she admits that he lifted her spirits high enough to even miss her husband.[5]

Should Link come back at a later time with a Bow, Rola will have a Side Quest available for him, "Arrows of Burning Heat". Once Link completes the Quest, she will begin to fawn over him due to his skill in archery and has to remind herself to get back to business.[6] If Link decides to leave the conversation without selling her anything, she becomes disappointed.[7] Still, she gives him the advice to sell Ore for some quick Rupees should he need them.[8]


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